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  1. I am (a) eager to finally see the ending that I have been waiting for all these years and (b) sad that James Rigney did not live to complete the books himself (and, I would have hoped, kept writing for many more years yet). I have been assuming that the forces of the Light come out victorious somehow. If not, I will be really irked.
  2. I am particularly hoping that Sorilea survives, and ditto for Lan despite the situation he is in at the end of the TOM. And I am curious as to what the "To live, you must die." reply from the Aelfinn means for Rand.
  3. I would see if James Rigney was there somewhere, and sit down for a discussion of the whys and hows of the books if I found him.
  4. I was originally going to say that I would like to be an Ogier, but since many have said this already let me try something outragous: I would like to be the Creator, and actually step in to help Rand and company before diaster strikes.
  5. There is no doubt in my mind that weaving the One Power is generally much better in a fight than using tradational weapons. Of course if one might have to fight, the gholam, and given that the Dark One can exclude the One Power from the area around it (somehow), then one needs both skills. More generally, since I would not want to fight and since the Power can be used for many other things I would always take the One Power.
  6. I would think Loial since he is reading all the time, as I tend to do. Otherwise it would have to be one of the Tautha'an since while I am not quite as pasifistic as they are described as being I am definitely no fighter. Although I am not as long winded as Loial.
  7. I have read the series in sequence about 8 times as new books came out. Then in addition I have read the various books many more times out of sequence. I have long since lost count. I have to say, though, that I wish that Harriet had pushed James Rigney to tighten up some of the prose. The WOT is quite long...really good, but longer than it needs to be to some degree in my opinion. I am not sure that I have the time and energy to read them all through again in preparation for A Memory of Light.
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