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  1. I love the concept of the sword and the snake. The heron marked blade is definately one of my favorite things in the book to depict. I want it to be more personal though.
  2. 23 Female, I love Nynaeve, I feel very empathetic towards her, and Lan. I also love Loial, and his story. I'm only on the 4th book btw so I don't know a lot of character yet, but so far so good. I like Thom and his little woman before she got killed, I feel bad for Thom for all the love he's lost. I don't really like Moiraine very much, I do like Faile so far and I like Perrin. I like all the Far Dareis Mai, I think they are cool, and I like the wise ones, and the Tel aran rhiod I know thats not a character but I like those parts. I hate all the white cloaks!!!
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