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  1. if the Seanchan had angreal, could they even use them with the adam on? They can't link when wearing the leashes so maybe they can't reach into an angreal
  2. Maybe Min was given the ability by the Creator to help the Dragon Reborn
  3. If Loial dies I will be pissed. He is one of the coolest character in the books and I'm kinda disappointed that we haven't got to see him in the past few books. I do want Olver to do something heroic though. I think Tuon will begin to change her views and as a result someone will try to kill her
  4. for some reason I pictured Rand as the shortest out of him, Mat, and Perrin. I also didn't picture Tuon as black, I don't know how I missed that description but after my first read through it was stuck. I always picture Siuan as this tall, dominating woman when she is Amyrlin and then she becomes this really young adult after she is stilled and it's like she is a completely different woman. I always picture Lan as being somewhat attractive despite all the references to his ugly stone face. When I read the first book, I pictured Nynaeve as the tallest of the Two Rivers gang because of her station and because she was older. When I did my first re-read, I paid more attention to the descriptions and it was like reading about new characters
  5. Ny's and Cads' should be able to unravel balefire. Mat's can probably unravel a saidar woven balefire. I can't remember if he can block saidin. Balefire won't even be able to kill Cadsuane, she would stand there with her hands on her hips and the balefire would get scared and go away
  6. I love Perrin but what I didn't like was that he spent like 4 or 5 books trying to get Faile away from the Shaido. He's still a badass but his story did move painfully slow. In the time he was hunting the Shaido and dealing with Masema, the other main characters did so much
  7. It could also be that they either forgot to draw it or they didn't want to add every ring and bracelet. Doubt it but still a possibility
  8. I don't think there was any hint of Elaida knowing of the HoV. If she did find out, it would've been mentioned in one of her POVs
  9. I don't believe Bashere is a DF because of ToM (I won't give any spoilers). I also hope that Taim doesn't turn out to be Moridin because that is what everybody is expecting.
  10. I always thought that Elayne would give the throne to her daughter when she felt it was time. As for Aviendha, it is a little weird that she doesn't think about it but it could just be because she is Aiel and they accept whatever happens and welcome death. It could also be that she cares more for her people and what happened to them than her own life and the lives of her friends so the future of the Aiel took precedence
  11. I would say Lan because in a way, he wants to die and that makes him dangerous. But then again, luck does play a factor. If they relied on skill alone, Lan would win
  12. Perspectives I do want to see: Alivia when she helps Rand die. Demandred because he is still a mystery. Pevara/Androl because the Black Tower plot line is getting pretty interesting. Fortuona because she is the only Seanchan who we can get a useful POV from. Aviendha because she was barely in the last 2 books after being a big part in the middle of the series. Cyndane, I think the only POV we've had of her was at the Cleansing. Perspectives I don't want to see: Morgase, I liked her POV when she was in hiding but that's over. Gawyn unless he does something with the Blood knife rings. Graendal, we had plenty of her in ToM that led to her failing.
  13. Cadsuane was probably oblivious to the fact that Min was sorta protecting her. Cadsuane backing her against the other Aes Sedai was because the other Aes Sedai (Beldiene, I think, definitely not the right spelling though) was being somewhat rude to Min and we know Cadsuane is all about manners except when it comes to herself and we found out that Cadsuane thought the same thing after Min explains her discovery. Their relationship has progressed but they are both still wary of each other. We don't really know what their relationship will be like now with the new Rand and both of them have been restored to their old status as Rand's advisors
  14. If Taim turned out to be a good guy, it would probably be a bigger shock than who Demandred really is because we've accepted Taim being a DF as fact. But I would have to agree that lord of chaos thing kinda revealed his true allegiance especially since the DO gave the order to 'let the lord of chaos rule'
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