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  1. what of Shemirhage? was´t she trying to get hold of Seanchan or did she just loll around as truthspeaker for the fun of it. And not Demandred unleash balefire ? a) we don´t know what he did in Shara , he maby killed several armies with it and second what did he do in the last battle , yes shouting balefire . and the last question : yes if you read the dark one wanted the pattern destroyed so he could remake it in his image - and the forsaken at least Demandred and Moridin was fine with it , and they were two of very few forsaken left . So you arguments dear sir is null and void. Pardon me,
  2. With this much power he should be able to level mountains and raise volcanoes, sink continents and create country-wideearthquakes.
  3. Shara was completely sealed off from the rest of the world for 3500 years. There's no way for them to speak the same language as Randlanders. Anyway, the biggest disappointment for me personally, in regards to the Shadow, is that the AMoL finally revealed what I was suspecting for a long time. That there's no great framework uniting the schemes and plots of the Shadow, no metaphysics or philosophy explaining the forces of Light and Shadow. The Dark One didn't have any master plan, different pieces did not form a single picture, and it all boiled down to Rand choosing either to surrender
  4. Of course not. These problems are inevitable in a project with an author who has no sense of pace and no idea of what needs to make it into the final draft, and what needs to be cut. What was the point of extending Perrin rescues Faile from the Shaido over such a long time? Why did Elayne spend so much time becoming the Queen of England? Why was Demandred completely obscured from the reader for such a long time? Why were so many plotline resolutions cramped into the final volume, and how did RJ even envision going from KoD type of pacing (near-total standstill after a total standstill) to the
  5. Did Androl really just show up to oust Taim from the Black Tower, and fade back into the background?
  6. That doesn't have anything to do with my point, but Shara has been completely isolated from the rest of the world since the Breaking. When Shara was formed as a single nation, people still spoke the Old Tongue. Over the course of centuries, the Old Tongue turned into the New Tongue, to the point where the two languages lost any semblance of mutual intelligibility. It is impossible for people in Shara to speak the same language as people elsewhere, because the Old Tongue could not have developed into the same language in several isolated societies. The Aiel and the Seanchan were also isolated f
  7. No it isn't. There's just one language in the WoT world (which is a completely ridiculous idea, but anyway) - the New Tongue, which is a modified version of the Old Tongue, which looks nothing like English. Well, the Old Tongue looks nothing like anything, because it's just a few nonsensical syllables with too many apostrophes, borrowed from any foreign word RJ happened to think looked cool. Purely stylistic choices, like spelling wild with y, completely do not translate from English to the New Tongue and are bereft of meaning. Somehow, it seems like something Brandson Sanderson would do, rath
  8. Reading the book felt like this. Trollocks, Trollocks, Moridin dying for a suicide (olol), DARK ONE dropping cheesy comic book villain lines in all caps, Trollocks, Trollocks, Bao the Wyld (I wonder how the Sharan managed to pronounce his name with a Y, or why it even needs a Y, considering that the language they speak in isn't supposed to be anything like English? Or why Demandred went with a name that befits a male stripper?), Trollocks-Trollocks-Trollocks ad nauseum, Sharans, Trollocks, SUDDENLY FAIN WTF IS A SHAISAM FAIN DIES THE END THANK YOU FOR READING. Huh? Is it just me, or di
  9. Egwene is the absolute worst character they could have chosen to kill off. We spent so much time watching her train to become an Aes Sedai, a Wise One, rise to power as the youngest Amyrlin ever, settle the division in the White Tower, initiate a number of much-needed reforms, eradicate the Black Ajah, confront the Seanchan empress, was promised to be the longest-reigning and most powerful Amyrlin in history - and she's the only one who is first deprived of her loved one, and then of her life? Was this really a way of saying "even the most May Suish character can die in this series"? Even Rand
  10. That scene where he and Rand start bragging about their achievements was incredibly anti-climatic and felt like horrible fan faction, not to mention completely out-of-character. WoT characters shouldn't talk like high school jocks from Midwest USA, and I've no doubt this is purely Brandon Sanderson's failing. He really dropped the ball.
  11. I don't understand why the Dark One was suddenly retconned into being the source of all evil. It's been established that the Dark One is outside the Pattern, and is completely sealed off from it at all times, except from the end of the Age of Legends until the end of the Third Age. It's also been established that the Pattern is neither good nor evil, and that the Creator doesn't influence it at all. This means that evil is part of the Pattern as much as good, and that the DO is just this one guy who shows up and trashes the place - why would killing him suddenly mean that evil vanishes from th
  12. What a moronic book. WoT really showed its level as a Saturday morning cartoon series about TEH EVILZ. The Dark One speaking in all caps was bad enough, but then Rand started doing it - both sounding ultra cheesy and dumb. Rand's and the DO's battle of wills was completely ridiculous, and made me think that even Buffy the Vampire Slayer wouldn't sink that low. The cast of sitcom characters never stopped bickering with each other, and the Dark One and the Forsaken completely lacked any depth or motivation. The last Battle boiled down to characters endlessly killing Trollocks en masse. Out of al
  13. [Removed] We continue our discussion of the WoT magic systems, its strengths and many, many weaknesses. Aha, now I've caught you thinking of post-factum explanations to make the elements fit the weave. There's nothing spiritual about a gateway. It's certainly supernatural, but so is everything else a channeller does. A gateway is a dimensional window from place A to place B, a purely utilitarian phenomenon without any spiritual significance. And male channellers do not "burn" a hole in the Pattern, Rand says "bore" or "punch" a hole. Earth could have been used just as easily as Fire
  14. A gateway is opened with Spirit and Fire. Why these two particular elements and not others? Deathgates, which are gateways that spontaneously propel themselves across a distance, are created with Spirit, Fire, and Earth. Why is Earth added to the weave, does it have something to do with distance? However, when Moiraine weaves the Finder, which allows her to sense the boys over a great distance, she does it with Spirit and not Earth. The ward against eavesdropping is created with Fire, Air, and a trace of Water. Why? Arrows of Fire are created with Fire and Earth. Why not just Fire? Compulsion
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