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  1. I started reading the books over this past summer and I finished the first three books. I stopped reading because of just things getting in the way and now with the series being over, I want to pick it back up. Should I restart? I somewhat remember but not that well the first three books. Also! For Christmas, my wife picked up "A New Spring" for me, should I read that first or restart with the Eye of the World? THANKS!
  2. A friend of mine that suggested I read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' suggested now that I've read all of those books and liked them that I should give 'The Wheel of Time' a try. I was at the bookshop and saw that there is a book called 'A New Spring' which is the prequel and then 'The Eye of the World' which is the first book. Should I start with the prequel or with book 1? I'm going on holiday for 10 days and I want to pick up the series to read while I relax. Thanks!!!
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