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  1. I vaguely remember there being a children story of sorts in the book that describe the whole conflict between The Creator and the Dark One. But basically I've just assumed that The Creator is taking a hand in the whole matter through Rand, but it seems like The Creator would have some invested interest in not letting the whole of the Universe get unraveled by TDO.
  2. To soft looking? I don't know he's looked pretty "hard" in some of his roles.
  3. I think Adam Baldwin would make a great Lan in a movie adaptation. He's get that really quite,stoney "don't mess with me" kind of vibe. Through a top knot and armor on him and imo we got the ideal Lan. What are your actor picks for Lan or any other characters in the series?
  4. So the The Creator trapped the Dark One and peaced out to leave everyone to defend for themselves. Shouldn't we be able to assume since the Dark One is able to touch the world The Creator should be able to as well?
  5. 24 male I like all the all the characters but there are some that get on my nerves more than other. Egwene starting in towers of midnight: She's written very well, politicians just tend to annoy me. Elayne: Seems like an adolescent trying to be a grown up the whole book. She's constantly doing irrational often fruitless things to get herself captured and other people hurt or killed. She's a pushy and annoying political figure. Most Aes Sedai: There a bunch of squabbling hens that don't get anything done. Accurate description? Perrin in towers of midnight: I feel like a good majority of this book was Perrins chapter and frankly I was just sick of chapter after chapter being Perrin chapters when I just wanted to kind of read about how Rand was being a bad ass. My favorite character through out the series was Rand. I don't think I really need to explain my reasoning, he's just a bad ass out to save the universe.
  6. The DO wanted Rand free and unharmed though. "Let the Lord of Chaos rule" no? It seemed very much like Semirhage was being used as a tool to me. Her actions we're predictable for someone that new knew.
  7. I think he'll take up his Crown of Swords, and try to leave a positive imprint on the world. Granted I've only just finished TGS, but that seemed like a something he was struggling with the entire book.
  8. Rand was able to use the TP because the DO allowed him to, to presumably kill the last amount of humanity in Rand. Thats why Semirhage proclaimed "Why have you betrayed me, Great Lord? Why?" before she took a swim in some balefire.
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