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  1. ok, i must have missed this somewhere but is Berisha (the aes sedai who sent Faile and the others to the blight) a darkfriend? and i don't understand this, someone in the group reasoned that the only reason they were sent there was because of the bubble of evil.. because otherwise they wouldn't have willingly entered the Blight so how did that work out reall? was that bubble of evil just happenstance or was it sent by the shadow or did i miss something entirely? also another question, where is stated anywhere in the series that seonid is a lesbian? i must have missed t
  2. When I was reading the book, I didn't hate Egwene but I didn't like her either. But I must admit that reading all the things here has somewhat shifted my point of view that she is kind of dislikable. I think that there's definitely a bandwagon effect in disliking Egwene. Also, am I the only one who blames Gawyn over Siuan and Gareth's deaths? It was partly his fault that they got separated after all, if Gawyn didn't slip away there would be no need to find him :(
  3. It was really dissapointing, she practically spent the Last Battle clutching a rock :(, also am I the only one dissapointed that she didn't figure out that Rand was alive at the end? Nynaeve figured it out. Cadsuane figured it out. And she didn't? It seems like an insult to her :(
  4. She said that it was something she shouldn't know but does. She knows that Mat has the memories of thousands of men and well over a thousand years in his head. hmm.. I may be wrong but didn't most of Mat's memories came from people who lived after the Breaking? In which case, I would think that LTT would still be considered older... I guess if you add all the memories ? :))
  5. I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this.. but what did Moiraine mean when she said that Mat is probably the oldest among them all? When Tuon compared Mat to chaos, I immediately thought of it... but other than that I have no idea where this came from... any other ideas?
  6. So he owns 10% of 20% (2%) of the plunder of Tear, Illian and Carihein from "the fifth"... and an additional 10% of Tear, Illian and Carihein as they submitted to him as war-leader. 12% of 3 nations he owns by right of conquest... the 10,000 crown wager didn't even faze the Aiel who made the bet in his honour so I'm guessing his fortune is in the millions of gold crowns - perhaps even billions. Part of the ambiguity of wealth is the distribution of it; In a village such as the Two Rivers a Silver penny is a large amount; in much a way that giving a small child a £10 note and sending them t
  7. Aaargh.. this is what i get when i post without checking again first. I think I assumed that marks were the highest denominator hence the confusion. Now I'm not sure once again whether a thousand gold crowns is enough salary for an Aes Sedai. I don't think it's only Moiraine (even if she's rich from the start) who buys dresses at ten gold crowns each, she asked the opinions of other Aes sedai for the best seamstress in Tar Valon so I would assume that other sisters bought their dresses there too. I also wonder if their stipend increased since it's already between 20 years since then.
  8. It was 1 000 gold Crowns, so they are even richer. Oh, I see, that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing it up, it's been a while since I read New Spring. 1000 gold crowns would mean 20000 gold marks. Now, I think it's a little too much.No wonder they fling money about. I wonder what they do with all the money they collect. And yeah, Moiraine is definitely rich, i'm thinking maybe top 3% of the population or higher even.
  9. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question but just how rich are the characters in WoT? I thought of this question when I realized how much gold they have. In TSR, Moiraine gives enough gold to Nyneave and Elayne to buy an entire fleet of ships. And I'm sure I read somewhere that someone had enough gold to buy 2 villages. And in New Spring, it was stated that an Aes Sedai receives a thousand gold mark stipend from the Tower each year. Which looks a lot, but in the chapters after, Moiraine bought dresses for ten gold marks each and I recall she bought at least 20. For me, this makes the sala
  10. I have read it the whole series only once, but I read selected scenes many many times . I'm just not into rereading whole books. I just pick up a book and search for the scenes that I like.
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