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  1. @Morsker This is fantasy... "larger than life" characters should be expected. I think you read into the spanking thing in an odd light. The point was to humiliate the Forsaken to get information not for people to make a strange analysis of RJ's repressed sexual fantasies. (even though the spanking I'm talking about was written by Sanderson) I would accept "Cadsuane as a normal person" thing if she hadn't lived for 100's of years and had reason to be set in her ways. Mainly because her ways produced results. If anything the Aiel made the least sense to me. Their "honor system" was annoying to me. Maybe in my re-read I'll appreciate them more. The Seanchan and their slavery should be aggravating because they are enemies in the story.
  2. I don't understand how people can hate Cadsuane. She is never being "Aes Sedai" just for the sake of being one she has always been herself and without apology. Plus, who didn't love when she spanked Semirhage?!
  3. 28 male Likes: Nynaeve!!! Verin!!! Moiraine, Lan, Cadsuane, Graendal, Moghedien, Mat, Thom, Elaida, Gareth, Siuan I could go on and on about the reasons I love the people on my like list... I don't dislike any of the others but there are some that annoy me. Rand- Sad to say but there were times when his chapters came up and I wanted to skip them. The new Rand however, after his dragonmount revelation, is great! Perrin- I could say the same exact thing I said about Rand for Perrin... Except he never got better for me only less annoying. Egwene- I felt like she was the least fleshed out in the earlier books. I don't remember her much. When she was Amyrlin outside of Tar Valon and during her capture and her slaying the Seanchan was great! I felt like I finally knew her and liked her. Then it all fell apart after the reunification and she became an old fashioned Aes Sedai that she worked so hard to not be. Male Forsaken- none of them were dynamic or memorable. I love bad guys and all the male forsaken fell short for me and paled in comparison to the female forsaken. Other dislikes: Elayne, Gawyn, Min, Aviendha
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