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  1. It was great to get an ending to this great story. There are obviously numerous plots that are not dealt with, and with the amount of content that has been put into WoT there was just no way they could all be answered. That being said I had a few things that did not sit right with me. - Why was Bashere killed off and then mentioned as a side note? He has been Rand's go to man since book 3/4 and his death is merely mentioned in passing. - Why would we be given pages/books of foreshadowing about Logain's prophesized "greatness" (thank you Min) for him to do almost nothing on screen? Yes he may go on to lead the Asha'man, but we do not actually get to see that. He did almost nothing in AMoL. He did not even square off with Taim which was a duel that has also had tons of foreshadowing. - Mat's entire relationship with Tuon has been completely bogus to me since it began, but I always had in the back of my mind that somehow in the end it will make sense. Well I am at the end, but it still does not make sense. - PERRIN SLEPT THROUGHT 99% OF THE LAST BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!! - Going along with the previous point, the wolves connection part of Perrin's character has been one of the coolest things about him. However we did not get any of the heart wreching Perrin calling out to the wolves for help and leading the pack into the fray of battle that we got a taste of in previous battles. Yes we got to see Perrin working in the wolf dream and yes the wolves were helping in the last battle and they saved Rodel, but remember how bad ass Perrin was at Dumai's Wells. I just do not understand how that was left out of TG. Anyways, these are just a few of the things I can think of right now, there were also some really great things about the story (Ogier battle songs!). I feel that there was just so much content that no matter what some things were going to get left out and some people were not going to like that. At the very least we have an ending we can all talk about :)
  2. ** Points at name ** They call me Jain Farchanneler. No place of origin, no desination. (obviously wilder - each fraction in WoT has some pretty big problems with it, but I strongly commend Luckers for taking on one of those fractions to fix it)
  3. I'd say Nyn as well, but just in case it hasn't been brought up (I didn't read all 7 pages) Egwene went beast mode defending the tower against the Seachan. Obviously she had the flute sa'angreal but regardless of the power amplification she was still making and controlling the weaves. Just a thought to add to consideration.
  4. The best explanation I've seen for the nature of Randland is an analogy comparing Randland to a shield (channeling shield) over the DO. The Creator and the DO are ethereal beings. Think of the Creator as a channeler that has shielded the DO. The weave holding the DO is the weave that is the pattern of time in Randland. The people of Randland are the threads that make up that weave. As the people are healthy and holy and good the weave is strong and absolute, allowing the DO very little ability to fight against it. As the people waver and fear the weave becomes weaker. As the weave becomes weaker the DO has more power to search for the way to break free of that weave. The soft spot in the shield is Rand. The DO can only win (free himself) if he takes over that soft spot and uses it to break the shield/weave/Randland. IIRC the three possible outcomes from TG are Light wins, tie, or DO wins. The DO has never won but if he did win it means the end of Randland. Ties have happened and lead to destruction of everything but not the freedom of the DO so Randland continues. Light wins meaning the DO is sealed away and harmony continues until he builds back his strength to strike again. If I am wrong on these please let me know. The end all be all to this point is that Randland can only exist if there is a DO for it to be the shield of, so if the DO was truely banished - say that the soft spot (Rand) pushed back so hard against the DO that it severed him from the source then Randland would cease to exist because you cannot shield someone who cannot channel. This is definitely not a perfect theory and leads to a lot more debate. One of my main concerns is why would the DO not want his minions using balefire since it would destroy the weave holding him thus setting him free, but this can be answered as the DO is afraid that him being freed any other way than by doing it himself might cause some ill effect on him. This theory also leads me to wonder if the True Power the DO can grant to people is the OP of his and the Creator's world and that is why it is so powerful, but also leads the question of if he is shielded how can he grant that power to people. This may be answered that him granting poeple the TP (his OP) is just like when a Randland channeler feels around the shield trying to find a way to break it. Anyways those are just crazy ideas but adds a little bit to your question.
  5. Since the Nyn/Semi thing is getting a little boring - stir the pot Hmmm looks like maybe Ishy could come in the back door as best healer, I mean truely healing insanity is pretty impressive.
  6. Thom wins all political battles hands down no contest. Nothing else needs to be said.
  7. @ Sut I'm not a big fan of posting "nyn's better!" "no semi's better!" (Sut you're not the one doing this) so instead of doing that we can actually look at the details and come to an educated conclusion (Sut I know you're a fan of the details :)) I get the AoL - "wonders were common place" thing, and that Semi brought people back from the brink of death, but that doesn't quite satisfy me and here are my thoughts why: Didn't Samistu bring Dobraine back so close from the brink of death that people already said he was dead? - If that can be agreed upon, and everyone has already said that Nyn, Semuko, Semi, and Flinn all far outstripe Samistu then the back from the brink part of Semi and the AoL being above Nyn, Semuko, and Flinn does not qualify for me. Obviously Samistu is the best of the Aes Sedai healer (pre Nyn) so I'm not saying Semi isn't still phenominal, just that this is not a qualification for being better than the other three. "wonders were common place" - since we're talking about healing in this thread we will stick to wonders involving healing. As stated there is the cure of severing, but I know that doesn't cut if for you. So if you include the back from the brink of death example, the curing taint madness, the curing of compulsion (yeah I know he was basically dead, but not completely dead), Flinn jimmy rigging Rands wounds to fight each other and not just devour him, and that's all I can think of for now, doesn't that seem like quite a few wonders? My question is what other common place wonders were in the AoL that could match these? Now I will go ahead and back track on my previous statement saying the current age healing is better than AoL healing. I was wrong in that, with the healing centers setup and all that jazz then yes the AoL healing was probably better than the 3rd age healing, or at least the organization of healing was compared to the 3rd age. So is there something I'm missing? Or are we just suppose to assume the AoL was the best at everything? (not ment to be sarcasim, hope it doesn't sound that way)
  8. This statement is not even remotely true. One discovery in terms of stilling doesn't off set all of the knowledge lost. Okay, what could Semi or any other great healer do in the AoL that Nyn or Flinn cannot do? I haven't seen a response to this. What says that healers in the AoL are better than the healers we are talking about?
  9. This statement is not even remotely true. One discovery in terms of stilling doesn't off set all of the knowledge lost. Okay, what could Semi or any other great healer do in the AoL that Nyn or Flinn cannot do?
  10. Gotta be Flinn - Men are better at everything. No just kidding, but seriously Flinn performed amazing healing feats (Rand's wound/healing severing) and that was books ago. The guy's only been channeling for what like a year and he's already done that so he definitely gets major credit. Then again Nyn is pretty much THE innovator of healing, obviously her 5 element healing, but also she too healed severing and one of the coolest things ever she healed the taint (not the part where she helped cleanse the taint, I mean the healing of the asha'man that already had madness going on). So it's definitely up there between Flinn and Nynaeve to me when it comes to major healing and innovation. Now if you mean just plain ole who's the best at healing people that are hurt I think Sumeko has that title, but cannot remember exactly. To me Semi isn't really in the running. Yeah she was the bees knees in the AoL but there has been far more things done in the current age around healing that were thought to be impossible in the AoL so seems to me like AoL healing was subpar to current healing. Samitsu isn't even in the running. She herself knows she is not even close to as good as Flinn and said she wants to learn from him so is automatically out. Being the best of the Aes Sedai (pre Nyn) at anything becomes a much lower ranking as more of the channeling world gets revealed, although it is still impressive just not as much as when Aes Sedai were the only "real" (non wilder) channelers (sarcasim).
  11. @BFG and Craig If I am understanding everyone correctly then BFG thinks there needs to be a power loss added into the equation for linking and Craig thinks that it already exists due to the circle area forumla for power output (not meaning to put keys under anyone's fingers, I apologize if I'm way off base on this). The only thing we know is that 2 linked channelers would have a power output less than their individual power outputs added together. So Craig is looking at this as 2 level 5s (individual output = 78) linked would have a power output of 156, while a level 10 would have output 314 which is much higher than the 2 level 5s put together. The problem with this is that the in book perception does not go off of these levels. If you saw a level 5 at power output 78 linked with another level five and they had output of 156 then it would be too high of an output for what they should be able to do together. Therefore there does need to be some kind of loss added to the equation. On the subject of talents, I do not agree with the way the term "talent" is thrown around in the books. My understanding is that a talent is something a certain channeler can do that is exceptionally rare and does not really involve channeling or strength in the power. The examples of this are dreaming, foretelling, reading ter'angreal, creating 'greal, I'm sure there are more. These are merely something a channeler can do unrelated to them channeling at all. Elaida doesn't channel to have a foretelling, she just foretells. Egwene doesn't channel to go into TAR, she just goes. So when we get into Egwene being talented with earth weaves (discovered when she was captured by the seachan), I do not like the use of the term talent here. I would say she is just good with earth weaves. Androl's and Berowin's special abilities to do weaves outside of their power levels (in Berowin's case it is not outside of her power level, she should just not be able to hold people so much stronger than herself) are not talents to me. They are just very good at those particular weaves. With that in mind a term like percsion would make sense. It would account for the specific differences channelers have with different weaves regardless of power level. For example, you take two asha'man with the exact same power level say level 10 with power output 314. Asha'man A is really good at blowing up the earth and Asha'man B is really good at setting things on fire. Other then that they are exactly the same. So when A is using earth his power level would appear to be 400 and when B is using fire his power level would appear 400, but if they indiviaully ran into Asha'man C whose power level is 350 and has no particuler specialties, he could shield either one of them because they are all at their originial power levels when trying to use/fight a shield.
  12. yoniy0 - you're probably right, unless RJ has a notebook that actual contains the formula then we're just grasping at straws, but its fun to try. This idea of precision seems definitely possible. It would explain why some channelers are better with certain weaves. The two most important examples of this are obviously Androl and his gateways, and do you guys remember Berowin from the Kin that can hold a shield on anyone by herself although she is not very strong. She seems like the perfect example of precision with a certain weave. She is a level 5 and says she can hold a forsaken by herself. Lanfear at level 21 has a 1385 - 78 = 1307 power output advantage over her. Assuming that percision is mulitiplied by your power level to give the "strength" of a certain weave, Berowin would need a percision of 1385/78 = 18 to be able to match Lanfear's power to be able to hold her shielded.
  13. Very well done. I like both the circle area and volume power calculations and the resistor calculations. Obviously the circle equations are simpler but also probably make more sense, mostly because the resistor equations have the extra variable. @ Spoke - what would the V be in regards to one power output? OP - I've always liked the 13th depository article on this and am pretty familiar with it. Your examples are very good, would be nice to have some more timing examples from the book but does seems to depend on what the time variable is supposed to be. My addition comes from your point about angreal and sa'angreal. I think it makes perfect sense for them to function differently. I actually always wondered why they had different names yet supposedly had the same function. It is possible the names originially meant different functions and that has been forgotten through time. Multiplication vs addition would be a great explanation and goes well with the power surge of a weak channeler using the choden kal and how sa'angreal would seem so much more powerful than angreal. After reading your post the first thing that came to my mind is Moiraine and her new angreal braclet which she thinks is almost a sa'angreal. Her new power level is 2 where as she was a 12, but with the braclet she is about as strong as she used to be. It makes sense that if she is correct and it is an angreal and not a sa'angreal it is adding to her power level 452-12 = 440 power. If you are correct then she is very fortunate it is an angreal compared to a sa'angreal because it would have to be a gigantic multiplier to get her from 12 to 452: 452/12 = 37.7, which would be insane if given to a strong channeler such as Nynaeve who at a starting level of 18 (1017) making her 1017 * 37.7 = 38340.9, compared to if it just added to Nynaeve the 440 that it is adding to Moiraine making her a much more possible 1017 + 440 = 1457. So my point is here is some more backup for the angreal/sa'angreal - addition/multiplication theory. There is almost no way Moiraine could have gotten a sa'angreal that would have a mulitpling power of 37.7, but does seem possible she got one of adding power 440. Of course it could always be a completely unthought of formula that has nothing to do with basic math.
  14. What!? No one said Moiraine!! Definitely her, Nynaeve, or Min. With Leane ready to go for some drunk 3 way action.
  15. So the mighty blacksmith usually gets some hate due to his not so exciting PLOD (plot line of doom), but it seems a lot of people fail to remember how BA he is in some parts. To start off Perrin has the coolest ability in WoT. Yeah yeah Rand being the almight master of the OP is pretty cool and Mat having the DO's own luck and memories galore to help him in various situation is fricken awesome, but Perrin being able to talk and interact with wolves is just so sweet. The way the wolves instantly treat him as one of them and help him in almost every situation possible is just so great. They put their lives on the line and many die just to help Perrin. They take down trollocs and myrddraal and iirc maybe even dark hounds just to help him. Some of the very best parts of the series are when Perrin is calling on the wolves for help in battle and then fighting with them. Everyone should either remember or go reread the beginning of the Dumei's Wells battle: "Come." Then on top of just the pure awesomeness that he can interact with wolves, he takes up for them any time a human fails to see their greatness. In TDR when the camp gets jumped by trollocs and myrddraal, the wolves warn Perrin and jump in and fight with the humans. Several of the wolves are killed but they make a major impact, even hunting down an escaping Myrddraal. Uno makes the mistake of saying well at least we'll have wolf pelts and Perrin snaps on him and says that each wolf will get the respect of a fallen ally, then stares him down until he agrees. I do not recall the exact timing but sometime at Dumei's Wells Perrin warns everyone that no wolf is to be harmed, the wolves fight on their side. Even though Perrin is afraid of his ability to interact with the wolves (especially in the beginning) he still cares for and respects them and everyone else will either do so as well or answer to him. This probably hits home to me harder than some others because I'm a dog lover. I just wanted to put that out there to remind everyone that yeah the wolf brother loses us in a big part of his plot line, but he still has some really awesome schenes that top most others.
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