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  1. It was great to get an ending to this great story. There are obviously numerous plots that are not dealt with, and with the amount of content that has been put into WoT there was just no way they could all be answered. That being said I had a few things that did not sit right with me. - Why was Bashere killed off and then mentioned as a side note? He has been Rand's go to man since book 3/4 and his death is merely mentioned in passing. - Why would we be given pages/books of foreshadowing about Logain's prophesized "greatness" (thank you Min) for him to do almost nothing on scree
  2. ** Points at name ** They call me Jain Farchanneler. No place of origin, no desination. (obviously wilder - each fraction in WoT has some pretty big problems with it, but I strongly commend Luckers for taking on one of those fractions to fix it)
  3. I'd say Nyn as well, but just in case it hasn't been brought up (I didn't read all 7 pages) Egwene went beast mode defending the tower against the Seachan. Obviously she had the flute sa'angreal but regardless of the power amplification she was still making and controlling the weaves. Just a thought to add to consideration.
  4. The best explanation I've seen for the nature of Randland is an analogy comparing Randland to a shield (channeling shield) over the DO. The Creator and the DO are ethereal beings. Think of the Creator as a channeler that has shielded the DO. The weave holding the DO is the weave that is the pattern of time in Randland. The people of Randland are the threads that make up that weave. As the people are healthy and holy and good the weave is strong and absolute, allowing the DO very little ability to fight against it. As the people waver and fear the weave becomes weaker. As the weave becom
  5. Since the Nyn/Semi thing is getting a little boring - stir the pot Hmmm looks like maybe Ishy could come in the back door as best healer, I mean truely healing insanity is pretty impressive.
  6. Thom wins all political battles hands down no contest. Nothing else needs to be said.
  7. @ Sut I'm not a big fan of posting "nyn's better!" "no semi's better!" (Sut you're not the one doing this) so instead of doing that we can actually look at the details and come to an educated conclusion (Sut I know you're a fan of the details :)) I get the AoL - "wonders were common place" thing, and that Semi brought people back from the brink of death, but that doesn't quite satisfy me and here are my thoughts why: Didn't Samistu bring Dobraine back so close from the brink of death that people already said he was dead? - If that can be agreed upon, and everyone has already said that
  8. This statement is not even remotely true. One discovery in terms of stilling doesn't off set all of the knowledge lost. Okay, what could Semi or any other great healer do in the AoL that Nyn or Flinn cannot do? I haven't seen a response to this. What says that healers in the AoL are better than the healers we are talking about?
  9. This statement is not even remotely true. One discovery in terms of stilling doesn't off set all of the knowledge lost. Okay, what could Semi or any other great healer do in the AoL that Nyn or Flinn cannot do?
  10. Gotta be Flinn - Men are better at everything. No just kidding, but seriously Flinn performed amazing healing feats (Rand's wound/healing severing) and that was books ago. The guy's only been channeling for what like a year and he's already done that so he definitely gets major credit. Then again Nyn is pretty much THE innovator of healing, obviously her 5 element healing, but also she too healed severing and one of the coolest things ever she healed the taint (not the part where she helped cleanse the taint, I mean the healing of the asha'man that already had madness going on). So i
  11. @BFG and Craig If I am understanding everyone correctly then BFG thinks there needs to be a power loss added into the equation for linking and Craig thinks that it already exists due to the circle area forumla for power output (not meaning to put keys under anyone's fingers, I apologize if I'm way off base on this). The only thing we know is that 2 linked channelers would have a power output less than their individual power outputs added together. So Craig is looking at this as 2 level 5s (individual output = 78) linked would have a power output of 156, while a level 10 would have outpu
  12. yoniy0 - you're probably right, unless RJ has a notebook that actual contains the formula then we're just grasping at straws, but its fun to try. This idea of precision seems definitely possible. It would explain why some channelers are better with certain weaves. The two most important examples of this are obviously Androl and his gateways, and do you guys remember Berowin from the Kin that can hold a shield on anyone by herself although she is not very strong. She seems like the perfect example of precision with a certain weave. She is a level 5 and says she can hold a forsaken by he
  13. Very well done. I like both the circle area and volume power calculations and the resistor calculations. Obviously the circle equations are simpler but also probably make more sense, mostly because the resistor equations have the extra variable. @ Spoke - what would the V be in regards to one power output? OP - I've always liked the 13th depository article on this and am pretty familiar with it. Your examples are very good, would be nice to have some more timing examples from the book but does seems to depend on what the time variable is supposed to be. My addition comes from your po
  14. What!? No one said Moiraine!! Definitely her, Nynaeve, or Min. With Leane ready to go for some drunk 3 way action.
  15. So the mighty blacksmith usually gets some hate due to his not so exciting PLOD (plot line of doom), but it seems a lot of people fail to remember how BA he is in some parts. To start off Perrin has the coolest ability in WoT. Yeah yeah Rand being the almight master of the OP is pretty cool and Mat having the DO's own luck and memories galore to help him in various situation is fricken awesome, but Perrin being able to talk and interact with wolves is just so sweet. The way the wolves instantly treat him as one of them and help him in almost every situation possible is just so great. They
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