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  1. Who wants to go through life alone. Secondly, in situations of likely death-soldiers (Rand, Perrin, Mat) tended to couple to pass on their genes before dying. Histrionics of war show this.
  2. I think he meant walking through one through the 'back'. If I remember correctly, walking through one through the back had no effect. One did not travel to the opened location, and one did not get messed up in any fashion. I think you may be mistaking Gateways for Waygates, in which Loial said that if one walked behind the entrance to a Waygate - one would be lost forever.
  3. In some respects you are on the right track. Overall, you fall short. Strength in the power has an affect on longevity. A channeler such as LTT, Nyneave, Aviendha, Elayne, Eywene and Avi (and a few others) would probably see 500+ yrs. The stronger one is in the one power, the longer one lives. Not many fall into that level of strength though. The oldest of the Kin - a powerful Kin member hits 600. Most are probably hits more inline with 350, maybe. Migrate that to Sul'dam, factor in an abnormally high fatality rate, and you are looking at roughly ~200. The oldest and most powerful damane, (more powerful than Lanfear) we see is Alivia at ~350. There will not be any sul'dam older than Alivia due to not having direct access to the OP. In my opinion a statistically reliable age for damane would be more in the range of 80-150. War, attrition, sickness, torture, death, etc. This was probably drastically decreased following the battles with Rand, the WT, and the Last Battle. These are no easily replaceable pieces.
  4. RJ's use of gateways initially had some unintended consequences (cost free transportation) what would have royally screwed with the economics/logistics of Randland. He tried to correct that by disallowing the 'tying' off of gateways. Personally, I think that BS latched on to interesting ways to use gateways as a gimmick. It's a one trick pony that was over used and went rough trod over the correction RJ tried to make. I don't buy the 'conservatism' line of thought when asking why the AS or Ashamen didn't just make a gateway into Taim's head, or to do what Androl did and dump a billion tons of lava on SG. It's just something that one shouldn't waste much time thinking about because it will lead to unsatisfying thoughts.
  5. Lanfear. I really thought she might redeem herself at the end. My theory was that at the drilling of the Bore she was faced with some sort of torturous death for eternity or join the Dark One. Turns out she is just one evil bitch! haha.
  6. I doubt it, but it is possible. The training she is about to go through will change her and probably remove any thoughts of being great from her mind. Further her sul'daam may force her to reveal all her secrets and teach them to all the others, which eventually will make her powers no better than anyone else. I also think that without the dark one and the true power available her ability to be powerful will be greatly diminished. She won't be able to find as many dark friends to join her as there is no great lord promising reward, only Mogheidin a member of the forsaken who as a group were defeated is just not that tempting anymore. If anything the finale here with her thinking about how she was going to be so grand with her plans simply ending by having an adam snapped around her neck just shows how weak she really is in this new age. The fact that the Seanchan have Mogheidin is damned scary. She was collared at Saliadar for several months at least and only escaped with the help of another Forsaken. We know Mog isn't half as hard as she thinks she is, the probability that she'll break and give the utterly disgusting Seanchan tremendously powerful knowledge kind of casts a shadow over the book's near future. It's also disappointing (to me anyway) that Nynaeve didn't spot Mogheiden first and boot her around the place once more for old time's sake. Nynaeve's combination of excitability, unearned self regard, complete lack of self knowledge, courage, and essential goodness made her a charming character, I wish we'd seen more of her in this book. What does Mog really know? Wasn't she like a stock broker or something prior to the breaking? Information is only useful in context. Sure, I know all about rifling...but I have no freakin clue how to turn iron to steel.
  7. buying a farm it's not blowing money. it's actually a nice investment My sentence was piss poor and I didn't read what I wrote. Just seems that spending the amount of money on a weapons that thus far we've only seen in the hands of royalty isn't something Tam would do. At the same time, I would guess that there is more homesteading than purchasing of farms in the Two Rivers. He probably would have to spend some cash on farming implements and start up stock.
  8. It' said that Tam fought in the Whitecloack War in 957. We also know he fought in the Aiel War of 976-978. Tam has at least 22 years of military service under Illian. Certainly enough time to raise to the rank of Second Companion and become a blademaster. Now that I think about it...why the heck doesn't Tam have a nice pension from his time as a Companion? 22 years of service and multiple wars! I suppose Tam could have gotten a lump sum of money and used that to purchase the sword he gave Rand and his farm in TTRs, but it doesn't seem to be Tam's personality to blow all his money like that.
  9. *double post. Actually, a lot of stuff from my previous post was cut out for some reason and there are formatting errors. what the heck. I don't feel like typing it again.
  10. I don't think there is such a thing as a pyrrhic battle in this situation. It was all or nothing, no holding anything back.<br /><br />I wish we knew more about the Sharans. Was it ever mentioned how large the Sharan was? I read through pretty fast, so if a relative size was mentioned I missed it. I would speculate that it's roughly the same size as the Seanchan, perhaps smaller. Shara has been in a civil war and chaos for the past 18 months or so - not to mention further fighting and death under Demandred's consolidation effort.
  11. Some interesting points, I'll have to think on this before writing a more detailed response. My initial thought is, what's the alternative? Egwene's forces and Elayne's forces effectively broke the Trolloc armies they fought - not destroyed b/c there were still tens of thousands of Shadowspawn. Egwene was forced to retreat only when Demandred appeared with the Sharans. We have the armies of light that are well led with battle hardened soldiers, has immense fire power (male and female channellers and Aludra's munitions), and FAR more mobile than Demandreds forces. Sure, Demandred can travel with the Sharans, but he cannot send Shadowspawn through gateways. Demandred could have split his force, sent the Sharans to SG and Trollocs to ramapage through the southlands...but what would that have served? Mat would have left an expeditionary force in the southlands to slash and burn, just as Lan did in Shienar, and leave the Trollocs without any sustenance. Two weeks of that, and the Shadowspawn would have done themselves in. The Forces of Light would have followed the Sharans north to SG and engaged them. The Sharans alone were not enough to fight the Forces of Light, even with the Shadowspawn that would have been present at SG. The Forces of Light would have won, and then have the option of engaging the southern Shadowspawn armies at will. **If the Shadowspawn from the south would travel overland from the FoM to SG, they would still arrive exhausted and starving. Demandred did pick his battlefield, and turned blitzed the forces of light to take the highground. Mat used this to pin him down.
  12. How long before the borderlander's start playing Daes Dae'mar? No blight and Shadowspawn should be exterminated shortly. Much of the vegetation has died off and food stores are finished. Entire nations have been depopulated. How many will succumb to famine before the next harvest? The only nation I really see as serving as a short term bread basket is Tear. Their peasants sure didn't travel all the way north...
  13. All eleven clans have blood feud with the Shaido. It's possible they will work their shit out and become a real clan again but I doubt it. The Aiel are harsh, but not without ji. They gave the AS that kidnapped Rand a chance to meet their toh.
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