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  1. My story is an old one. By that, I mean I am old. "How old?" you ask. I got married in the same year Tolkien died. C.J. Cherryh was my high school Latin teacher. That old. I always loved books on Mythology, Ancient History, novels with a splash of the supernatural, but never discovered Fantasy until I saw the first episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. I immediately ordered all the books and read them twice before the first season was over. I then found myself in the middle of a full-blown Fantasy Obsession. but what to do until the next ASoIaF book was published? (which I learned could be quite a long wait). I consulted my son-in-law, Randall (Rand for short!!), who has been a Fantasy geek since birth, for recommendations. There must be other great fantasy series out there, but being an OLD person, didn't want to waste time with the less-than-great. Top of his list was the Wheel of Time series, but it came with a caveat - "I must warn you, the author died before finishing the series..." This gave me pause, did I really want to embrace another unfinished series? I researched Brandon Sanderson, it was all good, so I took the plunge. I downloaded Eye of the World to my Kindle. Two days later, I downloaded the remaining 12 books and didn't stop reading until they were done. Now I follow Brandon Sanderson on Twitter and gleefully retweet every progress update on AMoL he makes, waiting along with the seasoned, long-time fans for publication. I was going to ask for sympathy points, thinking an audiobook would be a great relief for these OLD eyes during my WoT re-reads, but as winners are selected randomly, I'll just take my chances along with the rest of you.
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