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    Books, of course. My son (Wade Wilson Perrin is his name :) after two of my all time fav characters), writing, music, movies, video games, football (packers), hockey (devils), card games (poker, MtG, etc...), anything outdoors, and almost anything with a motor that can or does go fast.. Primarily Ford, Subaru, and Kawasaki.
  1. Pffffft... As far as I'm concerned, until I get some real straight answers about Nakomi from Team Jordan themselves, I am of the mind that Nakomi doesn't even exist at all... Meaning that, until then, I will just continue to think Aviendah simply had a dream which somehow manifested this crazy nature-talking older Aiel woman while she was in Tel'aran'rhiod (sp?). Rand, on the other hand, happened to barely see one of the many Aiel women that were there running around the battlefield, who was telling him good job for closing his eyes and appearing to "wake from the dream" after his penultimate battle with the DO. :P (in case you are wondering.. yes, this is me being honest, and sarcastic, at the exact same time)
  2. Went to Books-A-Million at the local mall, the only bookstore we have left in this area since Borders closed up all that time ago. Let's just say, and I live in Maryland, but the same issues as mike hunt's here, to start. They had four books, and claimed that was it, but two of which were heavily stickered with advertising for their store which was already advertised on signs everywhere (20% off for members, 10% for everybody else) throughout the store. One of the others, the pages were ripped and damaged in several places as well as the dust jacket. The last one, which I bought because it was all they had supposedly, had the same issues Sinister Death had, plus some, but not noticeable until actually reading. Brownish blotches throughout the book on pages, as well as what looked like chocolate covered kiddy fingerprints on some the pages and a few ripped pages like someone didn't know how to turn a page in a book.. After the girl at the store basically looked at me like I'd lost my mind when I asked then if they had any other copies in better condition, I'm just returning it and never buying from them again.. This is why I miss mom and pop book stores, dislike chain stores and despise electronic format taking over.. It's like quality in the product isn't worth it anymore, just sell it anyway.. I'm with Cads on this one.. Phaw! :/
  3. Sorry, but I have to ask.. You really sure you want to lump me in as an adult..? You did see my picture and what it says above it, right...? :P lol But seriously, this says it all, IMHO.. Happy New Year, everyone. Under one hundred sixty-three and a half hours to go and counting... See you all after the dust has settled. ^_^ Edit: *facepalm* Only shows up in the forums.. But my member title reads as follows, which is why I asked the stupid question above.. *sighs* Now that I explained the funny out of the joke, here's what I was referring to :P .... Member Title Deadpool: Greatest thing to come from Canada since the Wonderbra
  4. *claps AesSedaiGuy on the back* No worries, mate. If anything, this would have had RJ rolling for a while, knowing his sense of humor lol :P So look at it that way. Also, anytime lol. XD I'm a wordy kind of a guy. *looks at Wintersongs' post and shakes head* Truly sad, but I'm going to agree with wolfgirl85.. No need to go about it like that. We're all human and no one is perfect, not even Galad, so that's my story and sticking to it... :P No matter what, I'm reading that book on the 8th.. I don't care if it was penned by a 3 year old, I'd still stand in line and read it, disappointment or no. ^_^ The Light shine on you, and the Creator shelter you. The last embrace of the mother welcome you home.
  5. True, you did and were very honest, sincere and mature.. Until you decided to throw in this low blow, right at the end, that is... Sorry, but that was beyond uncalled for, and is definitely immature for the following reasons.. A) Not a fan, simply because they feel wronged for not being selected, or informed enough as they see it, about a contest that was held with strict rules and guidelines.. Which, plain and simple, was not followed through upon by those same limitations that were set forth in the beginning.. Honestly, Wintersong has very valid points for feeling the way they do... Just went about it in a very wrong fashion, much like yourself at the end of your post.. Two wrongs don't make a right. B) They don't need to buy the book, they need to get a life... Seems self explanatory to me why this is immature, but I will digress.. Telling anyone they need to get a life, is plain childish.. It lacks of the maturity to actually articulate yourself in a reasonable and respectful way. Period. Nobody likes to be put down, let alone ganged up on.. Were they wrong? Yes, but so was that little retort that you just had to throw in there.. Leave that out, and I wouldn't have had a single problem with your response and you would have joined the other category. Not attacking you personally, just stating how your comment comes across (to me, anyway) through the wording you chose with those statements. I realize some of my wording may across similarly, but not meant to. Just making a general observation of all the comments, for the most part. That one sentence just irked me enough to use you as an example lol. :P
  6. I had to quote that, as I'm thinking in much the exact same way right now.. So here goes, and yes, that was your one and only advanced notice.... *steps onto soap box* Wow.. One childish comment after childish comment.. Other than a very small few, and I mean few, none of you can say you are being the bigger person here... Some revealed how happy they were to being selected, others at their unhappiness to not being selected and then the melee that has ensued since... For the point.. I applied, and was not chosen for Baltimore.. Am I upset? Hell yeah, after applying for three different years to the Baltimore signing and never getting picked, then the same people from last year (who all stated they had a blast regardless of the lack of time with Brandon & Harriet) were picked again this year.. Oh, plus *3* more... So, in my view, I'm upset.. Who wouldn't be? It entails disappointment, doesn't it? I should think I'm allowed to be that, surely.. Am I going to boycott the book? No.. Am I jealous? Yeah, it's Harriet with all the information, who wouldn't be? Am I going to blast Jenn and Jason for making a gut call, not knowing all the limitations Tor put on them, let alone anything else? Emphatically no, no, no.. It is what it is, so since I have no reason to attend the signing, I will be saving up to be seeing many of you in GA for Jordancon, I hope.. Take lemons and make lemonade. :P Now, back to the focus of my rant... Geez, people, come on.. You state this is a 20 year run, we love it so much, blah blah blah.. Then we have someone else that feels that way, but feels they got looked over *sarcastic gasp*, you think they are just going to roll over and take it? Not how people in this country work, and has never been how they make the internet work, either... They open mouth and insert foot, plain and simple.. That does not mean, however, that you should then go to bat for your peers/friends/whatever by lowering yourself to the same level of immaturity you are blasting away at.. That makes you look worse then they do, in case you didn't know, and many of you are guilty of doing just that.. End of rant. I'm going to watch Robin Hood from BBC and laugh my derriere off, since after reading some of these comments, I really need a laugh.... -_- @ Big_Poppa, Jhirrad, and Captain... You three were of the very small few I was talking about that were truly adults about all of this, despite how you felt personally, one way or the other.. Tai'shar to all three of you. ^_^ @ Wintersong & AesSedaiGuy... You two are the upper echelon of immaturity right now.. Congratulations. *shakes head ruefully* Where is Nynaeve when you need her mitigating skills..? *chuckles* :P
  7. Waiting with baited breath to read the ending of an Age that the Creator himself came up with to craft this series around..
  8. It has become not only a part of my life, but very nearly a part of me. Like so many others, I have become invested in the story, characters and the vastness of the entire series. There is literally something for everyone in this series, and I think that is what I love most about it. It can speak volumes, and has, for two decades. Here's to another two decades for the best epic fantasy of our time.. You set out to create an epic and you did more than that, by far.. "He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind, was gone." Tai'shar, Mr. Jordan.
  9. Your posts will be sorely missed, peregrine. Always been a joy to read them to see the fantastic artwork you brought to light and even made. ^_^
  10. I would definitely love to wield Saidin, but I'm no Taim type. I love my melee weapons, too. I'd have to have a sword and be proficient with it, at least. Try not to stab my foot and all lol.
  11. @Zewe Thanks. Honestly, this is the only thing in my post that I am not either invested in or worried about at all, as I have zero interest in mobile app games what-so-ever, and I even own an iPhone myself. Go figure. I can believe what you say, as I have been out of all that scene completely. It's overflooded, and for a country in recession, I don't think I need a new smartphone just so I can play the only WoT games that REG, at this time clearly, are invested into publishing. Like you said, it does look good on paper, minus the fact they want fans/customers to help their "company" fund their production costs. Sure, when a real game gets released, I'll be in line to shell out cash to the retailer, not the people who have yet to make it and have up to this point lied, backpedaled and blown us off. All this after saying how committed they were and how they would keep us informed of anything, yet don't bother to mention you changed gears from VG's and a movie over to the mobile app game market until you need money from us?. Why promise something you wouldn't deliver on? Then expect us to throw money your way to boot? That is just setting yourself up for failure, as you have cut off your number one backing point,. The fanbase. The only way you can do something like this that comes to my mind, and I'm beyond tired so please bear with me, is if you are already in production of said product that has a release date, and you push it back to fix development issues. Everytime it happens, fans tend to get outraged, but they usually calm down, because most of them realize it's still getting released and it will most likely make the product better in the end. I am 100% with you that if they had not been pushing the big ticket items down our throats from the start, with nothing to show but empty promises and then bring this out of left field with no word from them in a long time other than "the major platform games and movie are both still in the works!", I would have backed them, even if it isn't something I am interested in. But they spurred me with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and now that they are realizing we have lost all patience and faith, they are trying to put together anything they possibly can to reconcile the divide.. I'm with Zewe. Not from REE/REG. Ever. That ship has sailed, docked and been stripped down for parts. Goodnight. ~ edited for sleepy spelling ^_^ ~
  12. Okay, let me get this right... REE or whatever, want the fans who did not buy the rights, did not make promises they could not keep, and did not keep waffling anytime they were asked a simple question, to help them fund something that they, as an "independent game developer", cannot afford to do or get funded at all themselves??? Okay, this doesn't make any sense to me what-so-ever... First questions, then dissections and finally ranting.. Don't worry Dwynwen, I will be as polite as possible. I promise ^_^ So.. They went into this knowing: A1) It's a major fantasy novel series, on a par with Tolkien, which amazingly and helpfully, already has such material on the market for reference points. Check. B1) It was going to take serious money to get all that they wanted accomplished, and they promised it would be. Check. C1) They were going to need the support and word of mouth of the fanbase to help get this thing rolling. Check. D1) They needed something, or multiple, big, cool and exciting things to help get said support from the fans. So, they promised the best we could ever ask for, and more. Check. ....Now this is where common sense takes a complete left turn straight out the window, and all education of these people.. REE and all it's affiliates imo.. seems to get seriously "Dazed & Confused" on us... Dissection process: A2) Anybody with a business of any kind, before putting themselves in a Trolloc pot neck deep, does market analysis', major research on all fronts, as well as cost-effective analysis' of every kind. Twice over, and then have someone else go over it twice, just to cover their butts. It is called "smart business", the last time I checked. Yet, LoTR has all kinds of merchandise, records of production costs, and plenty of other things to dissect, analyze, and research, so that pretty much all of the information they needed was already out there, they just had to get it and work it to fit their projects. Did they bother? Apparently not.. B2) Right back to A1. All figures they needed to put together for a rough estimate on designing, making and selling anything, was already out there from LoTR. It is not rocket science to create a business plan, or to project out/in $ figures, especially when Peter Jackson, major companies and the Tolkien family already put all the hard work into getting LoTR movies and games crafted, made and delivered. Probably in less time then it took REE to sell the rights to the comic books to Dynamite. Wow.. C2) They came, performed, promised and then disappeared. Oh, except for "We are in talks/works with Universal" or "We're working on it" every year in a press release or when they were confronted. Nice.. D2) They promised Epicness to the extreme. From comics turned into graphic novels for the entire series, mmorpg's, major platform games, movies.. Pretty much everything they could think of except the kitchen sink.. It was like every WoT fans' best dreams come true. Yet, many years later, and all we have is empty promises, barely any comics and a possible series of App games, that most of us will never even play, but pretty much only if we help fund it?? Yeah.. Let the ranting commence.. Rants) Seriously, did they not research the fact this series is over 20 years old? Many of the fans, not being smart cuz I'm getting older myself, are also years older. Who over the age of 30-40 seriously plays games on a handheld device? Not very many, I'll tell you that.. Research your target market.. Number one thing you learn in business: Research, research, start your business, and then research until you sell it, or die, because otherwise it will fail, fail, fail... End of subject. Now, it's been all these years and still, nothing.. This isn't Ghostbusters III, and we have no Bill Murray here, holding things up and dragging his feet because he put on some pounds. Also, the book has been written for 20 years.. I'm sorry, it does not take four years to take out descriptive text, change things to suit film, and possibly rework some things for conversion to the big screen. I know it takes work, but seriously, it shouldn't take but 6 months for the first, and maybe 6 more to do multiple revisions for a great script to be made. Heck, two years I can deal with for a script, but four plus and still nothing significant has been done on the movie front.. Hardly anything at all??? Ridiculous... I mean, they go on and on about being WoT fans and staying independent, because of not wanting to deal with major market companies, due to them putting their say all over it, and ruining the final product. Yet, here they are working with Universal Pictures on the movie??? HA!! Yeah, okay, let me guess.. Walt Disney, Lions Gate and Paramount were too busy??? Fact is, these guys have had no serious backers, funding or even a direct line of action to get any of the things they promised done. Ever. They either all knew from the start, or whoever did the research before getting the rights (which no one probably ever did, apparenty), that they were never going to get very far. Just a facade, charade and scam to lead us by the noses and shell out cash at the last possible minutes before they lose it all. I'm sorry, but I am not going to fund a company that lies, manipulates, coerces and allows employees that they would pay, at minimum according to above figures, $120k/year to play with kids' swords, and nerf guns, while on the clock and shooting a promotional video to show your dedication and commitment to a project... Real professional, let me tell you. Because I want to know one person who can do that at a job, in front of an owner of the company, and not get fired.. Game development may be stressful, but I don't ever remember seeing kids' toys at an army barracks, or anyplace else, the last time I was there to work. I mean, come on, really?? You aren't Google and rich enough to do whatever you want, sorry.. Worst of all, the pic they are using, based on WoT landscape and "scope of project", on both their kickstarter and home webpage, is from 2009.. Guess we know how long it has been since they did any kind of serious development relating to the WoT.. And that is from an independent artist, who just directed the most recent Underworld movie, which was his directorial debut.. Seriously, people? Grow up, man up and admit it, REE.. You lied, failed, mismanaged the entire situation and are now hoping for fan support and loyalty to the series to pull you out of said Trolloc pot and save you from complete and utter failure before it's all over..Oh, and here's a free business tip, too, while I'm at it.. Do not promise things you can not deliver, only what you know you can. Again, smart business. Learn it, live it and be about it. Or go work for Wal-Mart.. P.S. - Also, for the Lights' sake, Harriet can only do so much. Don't even try and use our faith in her managing the Jordan estate out there. I'm pretty confident in saying she has all WoT fandom behind her 100%. It's the same as when RJ was still alive and the whole comics fiasco started in the first place. He got seriously ticked off, but after a company has leased the rights, they don't have as much say as you seem to think they do. It has nothing to do with her, or the Jordan estate, solely REE, who bought said rights, and ran them over with a bulldozer and sat on them like a mother hen.. Rant over and thank you Dragonmount for letting me speak my mind.
  13. Demandred would have been my choice simply based off the mystery factor. He is totally the dark horse, because we simply have not seen the man do hardly anything throughout the series. But because he is cloaked in so much friggin mystery all the time, and always behind the scenes doing his.. Well, see my point? He may have been sitting in a palace with his feet kicked up the entire ten books or whatever that he has been free for all I know! So, I'll go with the only one smart enough to know that if they win, they all cease to exist, rather than being raised as "lesser gods", under a supreme god and his choice pet of the moment who sits higher than they do. So, Ishamael/Moridin for me.
  14. The series as a whole, I have re-read 7 times and I am now on my 8th, currently reading TFoH. Some of the books, such as LoC, EoTW, etc... I have read close to a dozen times or more. ^_^
  15. @Laica Sedai & Betray IMHO, Isam/Luc, aKa Slayer, very well may have been bestowed by the Dark One with a sort of "Broken" Wolfbrother type ability, or maybe one of them was indeed a Wolfbrother before the merging of their souls, and the DO twisted and corrupted that ability into one with which he turns regular wolves into Darkhounds and very much so makes it possible that he could be the Broken Wolf spoken of in prophecy. The broken nation of Malkier, a symbol to all of the Borderlands to continue the fight against the Shadow, birthing Isam, one of the most dangerous of the Shadows' assets? That would be crushing to Lan, his followers, as well as the rest of the Borderlands. Then Luc, Prince of the Swords (I believe that is the title) to Andor and Tigraine, making him the uncle to the DR, who wears a decent amount of wolf-related materials (i.e. a wolfhead belt buckle) would have a significant impact on Rand, and everyone associated with him. That would easily bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men. He has also known Death, in Moridin, who controls/owns him IIRC. As well as the fact that half his persona died, yet the other still lives. Just my two cents worth. (^_^) Also, in retrospect, (and just one of my pet theories at that) by redeeming himself ala Ingtar, he could then be put down by the remaining Forsaken per orders of the DO, and thus "be consumed by the Midnight Towers". In which case his return to the Light is completely obliterated by the Shadow and therefore his violent death would definitely succeed in "bringing fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shake their very will itself" in doing so. Crazy, but I like the different implications this could bring to fruition.
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