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    Books, of course. My son (Wade Wilson Perrin is his name :) after two of my all time fav characters), writing, music, movies, video games, football (packers), hockey (devils), card games (poker, MtG, etc...), anything outdoors, and almost anything with a motor that can or does go fast.. Primarily Ford, Subaru, and Kawasaki.
  1. Pffffft... As far as I'm concerned, until I get some real straight answers about Nakomi from Team Jordan themselves, I am of the mind that Nakomi doesn't even exist at all... Meaning that, until then, I will just continue to think Aviendah simply had a dream which somehow manifested this crazy nature-talking older Aiel woman while she was in Tel'aran'rhiod (sp?). Rand, on the other hand, happened to barely see one of the many Aiel women that were there running around the battlefield, who was telling him good job for closing his eyes and appearing to "wake from the dream" after his penultimate
  2. Went to Books-A-Million at the local mall, the only bookstore we have left in this area since Borders closed up all that time ago. Let's just say, and I live in Maryland, but the same issues as mike hunt's here, to start. They had four books, and claimed that was it, but two of which were heavily stickered with advertising for their store which was already advertised on signs everywhere (20% off for members, 10% for everybody else) throughout the store. One of the others, the pages were ripped and damaged in several places as well as the dust jacket. The last one, which I bought because it was
  3. Sorry, but I have to ask.. You really sure you want to lump me in as an adult..? You did see my picture and what it says above it, right...? :P lol But seriously, this says it all, IMHO.. Happy New Year, everyone. Under one hundred sixty-three and a half hours to go and counting... See you all after the dust has settled. ^_^ Edit: *facepalm* Only shows up in the forums.. But my member title reads as follows, which is why I asked the stupid question above.. *sighs* Now that I explained the funny out of the joke, here's what I was referring to :P .... Member Title Deadpool: Greate
  4. *claps AesSedaiGuy on the back* No worries, mate. If anything, this would have had RJ rolling for a while, knowing his sense of humor lol :P So look at it that way. Also, anytime lol. XD I'm a wordy kind of a guy. *looks at Wintersongs' post and shakes head* Truly sad, but I'm going to agree with wolfgirl85.. No need to go about it like that. We're all human and no one is perfect, not even Galad, so that's my story and sticking to it... :P No matter what, I'm reading that book on the 8th.. I don't care if it was penned by a 3 year old, I'd still stand in line and read it, disappointmen
  5. True, you did and were very honest, sincere and mature.. Until you decided to throw in this low blow, right at the end, that is... Sorry, but that was beyond uncalled for, and is definitely immature for the following reasons.. A) Not a fan, simply because they feel wronged for not being selected, or informed enough as they see it, about a contest that was held with strict rules and guidelines.. Which, plain and simple, was not followed through upon by those same limitations that were set forth in the beginning.. Honestly, Wintersong has very valid points for feeling the way they do..
  6. I had to quote that, as I'm thinking in much the exact same way right now.. So here goes, and yes, that was your one and only advanced notice.... *steps onto soap box* Wow.. One childish comment after childish comment.. Other than a very small few, and I mean few, none of you can say you are being the bigger person here... Some revealed how happy they were to being selected, others at their unhappiness to not being selected and then the melee that has ensued since... For the point.. I applied, and was not chosen for Baltimore.. Am I upset? Hell yeah, after applying for three differe
  7. Waiting with baited breath to read the ending of an Age that the Creator himself came up with to craft this series around..
  8. It has become not only a part of my life, but very nearly a part of me. Like so many others, I have become invested in the story, characters and the vastness of the entire series. There is literally something for everyone in this series, and I think that is what I love most about it. It can speak volumes, and has, for two decades. Here's to another two decades for the best epic fantasy of our time.. You set out to create an epic and you did more than that, by far.. "He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind, was gone." Tai'shar, Mr. Jordan.
  9. Your posts will be sorely missed, peregrine. Always been a joy to read them to see the fantastic artwork you brought to light and even made. ^_^
  10. I would definitely love to wield Saidin, but I'm no Taim type. I love my melee weapons, too. I'd have to have a sword and be proficient with it, at least. Try not to stab my foot and all lol.
  11. @Zewe Thanks. Honestly, this is the only thing in my post that I am not either invested in or worried about at all, as I have zero interest in mobile app games what-so-ever, and I even own an iPhone myself. Go figure. I can believe what you say, as I have been out of all that scene completely. It's overflooded, and for a country in recession, I don't think I need a new smartphone just so I can play the only WoT games that REG, at this time clearly, are invested into publishing. Like you said, it does look good on paper, minus the fact they want fans/customers to help their "company" fund their
  12. Okay, let me get this right... REE or whatever, want the fans who did not buy the rights, did not make promises they could not keep, and did not keep waffling anytime they were asked a simple question, to help them fund something that they, as an "independent game developer", cannot afford to do or get funded at all themselves??? Okay, this doesn't make any sense to me what-so-ever... First questions, then dissections and finally ranting.. Don't worry Dwynwen, I will be as polite as possible. I promise ^_^ So.. They went into this knowing: A1) It's a major fantasy novel series, on a par wi
  13. Demandred would have been my choice simply based off the mystery factor. He is totally the dark horse, because we simply have not seen the man do hardly anything throughout the series. But because he is cloaked in so much friggin mystery all the time, and always behind the scenes doing his.. Well, see my point? He may have been sitting in a palace with his feet kicked up the entire ten books or whatever that he has been free for all I know! So, I'll go with the only one smart enough to know that if they win, they all cease to exist, rather than being raised as "lesser gods", under a supreme go
  14. The series as a whole, I have re-read 7 times and I am now on my 8th, currently reading TFoH. Some of the books, such as LoC, EoTW, etc... I have read close to a dozen times or more. ^_^
  15. @Laica Sedai & Betray IMHO, Isam/Luc, aKa Slayer, very well may have been bestowed by the Dark One with a sort of "Broken" Wolfbrother type ability, or maybe one of them was indeed a Wolfbrother before the merging of their souls, and the DO twisted and corrupted that ability into one with which he turns regular wolves into Darkhounds and very much so makes it possible that he could be the Broken Wolf spoken of in prophecy. The broken nation of Malkier, a symbol to all of the Borderlands to continue the fight against the Shadow, birthing Isam, one of the most dangerous of the Shadows' asse
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