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  1. Well, let's think about this. In the last book we saw that the very fabric of reality is disintegrating: the dead walk, walls move, things are unstable. If times long past can affect the present, as it did with Matt and the caravan, then other temporal ambiguities are also possible--especially for two of the most ta'verin individuals the wheel has spun out: the Dragon and his successor. There might be a connection between how LTT died and his being strongly ta'verin and Rand being strongly taverin and the presence of the taint. Maybe. The last time this was brought up a few years ago, someone mentioned that the connection between LTT and Rand was in part due to LTT balefiring himself, creating a temporal riff. Effectively LTT inadvertently prohibited the whole of his soul being reincarnated with Rand. Part of LTT was cocooned (for lack of a better word) because of the riff resulting from the balefire. What I think is an interesting thought is the reintegration of LTT and Rand. Here's how it goes. Death must be an extremely psychological significant event. Obviously. But LTT might not remember his death if he balefired himself. He might have taken himself out of the pattern before he killed himself. I imagine one good way to reintegrate Rand and LTT is to show LTT that he died. Once LTT accepts that he's dead, he might let go. The trick is for LTT to feel the death and die, but have Rand "in on the trick". Don't know this is to happen exactly. Just pondering.
  2. Luckers, A little help here. You wrote: I don't remember Rand being stabbed by Taim. Do you mean that blade master outside Cairhien? Also, the part where Amys, Cadsuane and Osan'gar are standing in a triangle around his bed, was that right after? Was Osan'gar the imposter Ashaman? Sorry, the parts you mentioned aren't coming back to me.
  3. The worst of it is that RJ is stoking the fires by saying some got the answer to "Who killed Asmodean" right. So now everyone with a half-@$$ theory could be the winner. At this point, RJ needs to come right out and say point blank who killed Asmodean so I can die a content man.
  4. Ok, I get that the price was to be hung. And I know that it says "for the price that was paid" or whatever on the spear. HOWEVER, my point still stands: Why would the Eelfinn go through all that trouble making a connection only to kill him? A possible explaination could be that the Eelfinn, like the Aelfinn, have a certain amount of foresight and knew he would be saved by Rand before he died. Still....
  5. Since this topic is about Taim, and Taim is generally understood to be a bad guy, I'm gonna throw out a very bizarre theory. It's likely been raised before, but here it goes. Taim is the DO's Dragon Reborn. Ok, before you unshoulder the spears, let me flush this out a bit more. The only real contextual bit I have to solidify this wacky theory is from tGH when we find there's a Dark Prophecy. Here's my take: Taim was going to be the pawn of the DO, fulfilling a similar prophecies so that the world would know the dragon is reborn. At the end, instead of the "dragon" defeating the DO, Taim turncoats and throws the fight towards the DO. Now, this hasn't happened yet because Rand lives and beat Taim to the prophecies that reveals the Dragon Reborn to the public. Ok. Start Flaming!
  6. I agree with some of the comments above. It is unlikely that if any individuals survive on the island that they would be without some kind of organization. You all they would need is one stedding to come up with a way to deal with those men who can channel or become crazy. I believe that RJ mentioned Shara people wouldn't be mentioned in the last book, but I'm not sure about the Land of the Madmen. He DOES have a lot on his plate at the moment though. Perhaps that is where Taim got the bulk of his lackies? If I knew I was bound to go mad because of something like that, I'd go to a place where it was rumored there were others like me, just so I wouldn't accidently destroy anything I loved. And if the land of Madmen has that reputation....
  7. Tai'shar Manetheren, you are right. I was unclear. Who I meant by Blond was Elayne. Min would naturally need Elayne to give her the statue, but since Elayne is a greedy little thing, Elayne will likely need help from Birgette. Main point: all this knowledge and no one to understand it.
  8. No, Nick Carter has puke-growing power in his voice. Although, now that I think about it, if Rand were to blast Nick Carter to his army, the army would go into a beserker rade and demolish the DO's forces. Of course, the DO would counter with Blasting Celine Dion, forcing everyone to cringe and cover their ears. Except for the Trollocs, who have notoriously bad take and posters of Celine Dion in their caves. On a more serious note, if I remember the scene RobertAlexWillis mentioned correctly, I don't think the song can be done without the Nym. I think the Nym took the song from the Ogier and the humans and wove it into the fields. It might be possible, however, that the Nym's had something like the Oiger's "book of translation" such that they still exist, just somewhere else. You know Elayne probably has an answer in that terangreal library she has.
  9. Mik, I didn't think of the Ingtar confession as an actual confession, complete with Rand absolving him (I guess because I'm not Catholic). But now that you mention it, that sounds about right. LTT, that was some of the most amazing display of power by two people we've seen yet. For some reason, I don't think Ishy and Rahvin count because they did battle a lot in the funky dream world. (On a side note, what are the theories about where/how Rand and Ishy fight in the first two books?) You know a scene I just thought of? When Rand sneaks in to Camelyn as a beggar shows, I think, how human and frail Rand is. RJ has been building him up as this strong, stubborn, and powerful man, but in that moment, he is also a sick man just wanting to make things right.
  10. Thanks Bob T Dwarf...I think? The idea behind using mathematical logic to argue philosophical points is really quite simple: logic makes your arguments as clear as possible. Many times an argument doesn't "win" because it is unclear and/or the reader assumes things other than what the writer had intended just because it wasn't clear. Of course, whether we can know the truth of anything or whether logic can at all be used to argue philosophical points, is an entirely different matter than the one addressed here. But when one uses logic as Master Bob T Dwarf just showed with the Grendal case, it is easier to see what the exact argument is and what might be some weak point, as Rochaid did. See, all the logic does is help the argument process. If the premises are true, and the argument valid, then the answer is guarenteed. Rochaid, however, disagreed with Bob T Dwarf's 2nd Grendal premise. So, he claims Bob T Dwarf's argument isn't sound due to a false premise. But it is clear. That's the main point. A quick google or wikipedia search on "sentential logic", "predicate logic", "modal logic", and "fuzzy logic" should bring up enough information to be getting on with.
  11. Stoneface hit the ...stone on the ..er face. That is, the bottom line here is that this is RJ's baby, his rules. However solid our conclusions might be, he can turn around and, say, have Moraine be the Dark One. (I bet that would make Perrin feel a little awkward on walking in on her half-naked.) His fantasy world, his rules. But that doesn't stop the fun of trying to figure it out. After all, we still contemplate who killed Asmodean, even though we all know it was Bella in the Kitchen with the rope. ;-) The only thing going against Stoneface's clever "Taim is not Taim" negation is that Bashier(sp) recognizes Taim as the one causing all the trouble in the borderlands as a false dragon. So, if Taim is not Taim, then he goes back quite a ways to try his hand at becoming a false dragon. RJ has himself quite a little wildcard.
  12. That would be very benificial, wouldn't it? It would need to be Min who understood the deeper aspects and told min. Unfortunately, the only one really fluent in the old tongue is Birgette and Matt. So, one of them would have to help Blondy out.
  13. Master Gleeman, the main problem with both of your arguments is that you two are arguing from two different and unstated positions. It isn't a matter of using mathematics to argue philsophical concepts. In fact, the best philosophical methodology is to be mathematical in process, viz., one statement logically follows the next. Even though philosophical works are written in English, they are supposed to be consistent. And how are these works such that they are inherently consistant? Well, you can be a foundationalist, a coherentist, a contextualist, or any other sort of "ist". The fact of the matter is that philosophers still think of mathematics as the prime example of argumentation, despite Godel's Incompleteness Theorem. Some good, fairly accesible books on truth and the like are by Simon Blackburn. Taim is a jackass, and let's leave it at that.
  14. Well, Rui. wasn't a Gap or a Wanker-Mart. It was protected by a dome to preserve the contents. We don't know what the actual usage or properties of the dome, but I believe that one of the Wise Ones said that if they didn't return within a certain amount of time, they wouldn't return. So, there is a time factor. Here's a question I want to know about Matt's incident with the Eelfinn: Why did they go to the trouble of making a connection with him if they were going to kill him? What did they know? They go over give him all this stuff, make some kind of connection to see through him, and then toss him out to die. Was the main point to experience him dying? Perhaps they get his soul? Thoughts?
  15. This might be a slight spoiler if you haven’t read KoD. I want to draw your attention to RJ’s Alfred Hitchcock moment in KoD when Elayne and Avi find a bearded man with a book. It turns out to be a library of fiction and nonfiction books. Who here thinks the information locked away inside that bad boy will provide information that speeds up the next book? What do you think is the one thing that Rand and co. needs to learn from the library?
  16. Who knows where, who, or what orders Taim gets. I think RJ purposely put Taim in such a position to provide red herrings. We don't know yet what his status is or how much of his actions are coincidental (e.g. his red and black colors). All we really know for certain is that he is not a nice person and he is being a bad influence on some impressionable young men. Didn't anyone's mothers in Randland tell 'em to just say no to peer pressure?
  17. That's an excellent scene, and you are absolutely right that things would have been different if Siuan had been able to manipulate Rand early on. My favorite bit part probably would have to be when Birgette goes drinking with Matt and then later describes him as having a "hollow leg and a hole in his boot". That's classic.
  18. Yeah, I think Harriet is supposed to be editing it.
  19. I don't recall a time difference in Rhui., but I pretty sure RJ mentioned that Mat's dying and living again happened with the Rahvin-balefire incident.
  20. In one of the other topics, "Egwene the Dreamer", there is mention about the similarity between the Accepted testing and the Portal Stones. Recall that we followed Rand through all these possible worlds? Well, Mat was with Rand, Verin, Uno, etc. at the portal stones. And it seemed that everybody had a similar incident as that of Rand. I wonder if out of that experience Mat received information about events in addition to the Snakes? Come to think about it, hasn't practically everybody who was at the Portal Stones and who was a named character has been acting kind of strang from that point forward.
  21. I don't think Gawyn's role could be pulled off by Galad's character alone. That said, I think Gawyn always being pushed down and his poor second fiddle character will provide excellent motivation for actions we will see by him in MoL. I think we might see a turncoat in Gawyn.
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