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  1. Yriel slumped against the wall of yet another alley. Distracting a group of Seanchan soldiers, he had gotten himself slightly lost in the labyrinth like streets of Ebou Dar. He winced as the arrow shaft through his side moved, while he shifted his weight. Luckily, he hadn't lost too much blood yet and he was still alive. But that was about all the good luck he had received this night. He had cuts on his arms and damaged armour from running, well hobbling, into the enemy soldiers. He liked to think his distractions had saved a few lives, and that was the important thing. Pulling a bandage from
  2. Yriel had dived into the bush for a moment before wiping the mango off of his shirt. He sighed, it hadn't been what could be called clean before but now it was soaked it the slightly fetid fruit juice, He would need to find a washerwoman to fix it last thing he wanted during a long march was a bug to come and sting him after mistaking his sent for that of the mango. As he wiped he noticed a new person appear one who he didn't recognize in the slightest. He watched the proceedings with a smirk and used the distractions to stockpile fruit. Once he was ready he began hurling handfuls of fruit
  3. Yriel wiped a mix of sweat and grime from his forehead. He had been quietly waiting in the courtyard for the rest of the squad when two had run in, one with a wounded arm, it seemed someone had missed a a set of guards and that these two had run the risk of carrying their weapons openly. Luckily before he was forced to take charge the sergeant in charge of the squad arrived late and also bloodied. It appeared that the poor man had been forced to clear up his other subordinates mess. He noted that the men that the other men who had been supposed to appear with the older man weren't there, casua
  4. Yriel maintained the downcast eyes he had copied off of the real servants as he passed through the great gilded halls and even through the servants passages. He had only occasionally noticed any of the other infiltrators through glances, mainly he spent most of his energy on not grimacing a being a light-cursed servant again, and too top it off all to save what he assumed to be a noble considering he was presently residing in a palace. Try as he might he couldn't remember why he had volunteered for this mission, only when he had glanced at Arinth one day, bumbling along did he remember, one of
  5. gaah not looking forward to packing

  6. Yriel gladly took Arinth's hand and stood up as the pain in his leg quickly lessoning with his basic massage. However once he was upright he continued to stretch his legs and muscles, forcing out knots before they formed. He couldn't see how he'd defend if the older man's defence got any faster or more ingenious, but he supposed that was because he was inexperienced and couldn't see Arinth's next move, at least not consciously. "Hopefully, I won't have too many broken bones by the time my defence is good enough." He said twisting his neck to work out a kink that had probably developed on o
  7. Yriel waited as he watched Arinth's blank gaze pass over him, or maybe through him, he wasn't really sure which. The man's response assuaged some of his fears but left a good few remaining he'd once tried to use a staff when being taught by his lord's bodyguards it had ended so badly all parties had agreed he should never try to use it again. Then again that was a good few years ago now so maybe he should try to expand his horizon's. What if his sword broke in battle or his crossbow jammed and he didn't get the chance to retrieve it. As they walked into the camp Yriel tried very hard not t
  8. new spring moiraine makes me laugh

  9. Yriel growled as he felt a boot kick him in his ribs, grumpily he looked up towards the owner of the boot that had so cruelly awakened him from a rather nice dream involving a rather nice barmaid he'd known near Cairhein. Blinking he looked at the man expecting the usual site of a disgruntled guard or farmer wanting to move him on quickly. Slowly, as he sat up, recognition crawled up from the deeper parts of his slowly waking mind. Arinth, he remembered as he recalled the previous evenings events. Nodding along to what the soldier said, Yriel held in his yawn and wiped the sleep out of his
  10. Yriel groaned as he saw both men's eyes go straight for his book. Sometimes the wheel just wasn't fair others, it just seemed to want a good laugh. Dropping his book and he drew his sword as the mango sailed towards him, he swatted it with the side of the blade as it got close. His one-handed aim, unlike Arkin's, was rewarded with the mango exploding in a shower of rotten fruit all over him. The wheel was defiantly laughing at him today. "Light cursed mango." He swore as he began pulling small pieces of fruit out of his hair, clothes and crossbow. He wiped his blade on his trousers before
  11. Yriel stood up and stretched out his back before turning to face Arinth again. He mentally sighed a break was only a gap between two things so it was inevitable that he'd have to start again. He nodded his way through the large man's rambling, basically be strong but don't get slow. The second was basics as Yriel began flowing into his attacks listening to the voice of experience as he did so , but all the time trying not to think and just move when he felt there may be gap and despite Arinth's warnings to to over exert himself he could feel himself tiring as he kept raining blow in, trying to
  12. Yriel smirked at the reply to his crossbow, and supposed after studying the small man for a brief second that he could make rather a good scout, after a quick change of clothing anyway. At Arkin's revelation he looked up at him , head tilted and observed him, the man looked a mix of sad and vexed to him. He himself had been taught to read since a early age, mostly due to the Mahjere's doting and the fact she wanted him to get a good job and maybe even eventually to become the male head of servants. A job which required no small amount of report reading, double speak and even some small spy wor
  13. Yriel nodded he had heard talk of some armies where soldiers were expected to buy their own food and pay for everything, but judging by the way Arinth had replied to his question it did not seem to be the case for The Band of The Red Hand. This cheered the man slightly in that it meant he only had to worry about training before returning to Tear for a little vengeance. that, however was not the only reason he had joined the band, he hoped this would turn into his new family, like he had shared with his friends and family in better times. It was a very wet dream not befitting a soldier but it w
  14. Yriel yawned, he was comfortably sitting under the shade of a rather large oak tree which gave him ample shade. The book lying half happen at his side, attests to why he was out rather than in the camp. Travels of Jain Farstrider, he enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure ever since he left his own home, but was well aware of the ridicule he would be given if he was caught reading it by any of the band. However after the first few hours he had quickly fallen to sleep in the comfortable warm shade. He stretched as he stood up and twisted his neck back a small crack could be heard in the clearing as it
  15. Even Yriel was caught up by Arkin's enthusiasm at almost-not really being done with the work. He looked up at him a smirk on his face. He leant on his shovel again giving his muscles another short break from the strain, the muck was deceptively heavy. "To be honest my main plan extended as far as join the band, make a few friends, get stronger faster and better at fighting. But now here I'm joining the infantry, despite running round with a crossbow." He still didn't know whether he'd be forced to give up the crossbow and forced to learn the shield or the war axe. "As to what I enjoy, mostly
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