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  1. I think i'm good - just voted for Moraine and Birgitte...
  2. haha, aw from good ol SA - I love that country, awesome place for a tourist! thanks for stopping to say welcome!! hm, I am trying to make sense of what you mean by white tour, ugh, I'm a little lost with this forum thing! I guess this is a thread?? or am I on the wrong track?? I'm very curious about Cadsuane - should be interesting! I actually tried last night to find the doll forum thing that I first saw when I came to this site, but had no luck. will have to keep searching for it again. and nice to meet ya BB from Down Under! - that's funny, started at age 14 and brother too - who knows what else we will find in common!!! 14 is a good age to start reading WoT I reckon, means that when I go back to read the books there are somethings I overlooked when I was younger!
  3. Nice to meet ya - what made you join?? um, actually your question got me thinking about favourite parts, took up some of my day actually, haha. I still haven't decided!! As for character, fav male would be.. Perrin! and female, I guess Siuane and Aviendha would have to be up there, what about you??
  4. Hi all!! Very pleased to meet ya! I was introduced to the series when about 14 by my older brother and I have not been able to stop reading since!! These books are both my first choice and my default.... They are also the books that I pressure my friends to read too, haha! I actually really like the art work for the covers, so tonight I was browsing and I happened to see some artwork of WOT on another site. The link lead me to a forum on this site, which I have visited before but have never joined. The forum also provided a link to this cool little website where you can design "dolls" and they suggested that you could design some of the characters from WOT. I decided to try making Moiraine, Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne. Since I started reading the Wheel of Time I have always been interested in picking out people who could act/fit the part if a movie was ever played - this is more for amusement rather than because I actually want a movie made! Hm, I'm not sure who the most difficult person to pick would be. Maybe i'll have a browse of the forums now to see what others think... Anyway, look forward to crossing paths with you...
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