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    Love WoT series. Other favourite books would be Dark Tower series, A Song of Ice & Fire, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Temeraire series, Sword of Truth, Legend of Drizzt, Fionavar Tapestry, Battle Royale & too many others to recall all at once

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  1. When we get inside Talmanes head and a look at his humor. Hands down my favourite character and moment in the series
  2. Ok so this is how its going to pan out. . . Seanchan ogier see's Erith (Loial's future wife) Seanchan Ogier: "Oh my I would pet those tufts of hair on her ears all night long... You feel me man? *nudges Loial while winking* Loial: Oh you did not just say that *sucker punches the guy* this would lead to an old fashioned stedding beat down **I know they probably wouldnt talk like Harlem thugs but thats how it plays out in my head
  3. Whether or not it is in there maybe like a short 10 years later at the end see how everyones doing. not likely though. all your guys posts are awesome too especially the ogier I cant wait for them in the last battle. and Bela killing a halfman is going to be sick
  4. ya I think I remember that, that could be but it would lack the wow factor that would be there if it was one of elaynes kids.
  5. cool thanks man. It also said there is speculation it will be one of Rand & Elaynes kids? that would be wild lol
  6. I read on the internet RJ said they are not one in the same... but come on it seems so perfect can anyone clarify whether if he is 100% not the respun Gaidal?
  7. Hahaha Thom you nailed all of them for me especially Perrin I noticed you left Bela out I can see why she is awesome!
  8. Maybe the Seanchan title Prince of Ravens of will catch on certainly has a ring too it. I like the Prince/Lord of Luck too Good topics tonight man their the only thing keeping me awake on the graveyard shift so thanks :)
  9. Welcome, i'm new on here too and it's sweet so far. I've been told to check out the social groups, apparently they're a blast, so I suggest you look into them too. any favourite characters or WoT moments you especially liked?
  10. Just started reading Way of Kings by BS like it so far. I think BS is different not better. BS seems more fast paced but in a series like WoT I just can't get enough of the charachters, descriptions, and dialogue so I like the attention to detail and intricate world building.
  11. Jarlaxle is awesome he's deadly and has a wicked time. No one has more tricks up his sleeve, my favourite is his dymetra feather he pulls from his hat and turns into the giant deadly bird
  12. At times a slow moving series but I loved even those parts, it was impossible for it to be too long for me, The world he created is so intricate and vast I have yet to read it's equal. Hope you will feel the same
  13. Maybe he'll go back to the Two Rivers but I dont see him retiring or anything. He will be in some sort of leadership role, and with traveling he can go somewhere peaceful and secluded and still make it to all his important meetings ;) All assuming he somehow makes it . . . please make it
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