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  1. What is the patch on the darkone's prison is like Asmodean's shield with the seals acting as soft points with the pysical seal being like the aes sedai maintaining it. Also I think that in order for the darkone to be able to destroy the seals one had to be brought into the bore to weaken it and the intial barrier. I believe this was the seal that Taim brought to Rand. Tell me what you think.
  2. I see it as every soul is a base which is shaped by its upbringing which is what happened with Rand and LTT being diffferent. Next we know when a Hero is waiting to be reborn we are shown they remember all their past lives. What the taint does for Rand is to destroy the barrier that prevent's him remembering his past lives once he has been reborn. Therefore the voice is LLT and Rand is LTT. The whole bore sealing argument is tough because we know with saidar and saidin Rand was able to get rid of the taint so would that work while he built a new barrier this one using both saidin and saidar. The real question is what was the barrier made from in the first place. If it was the op then this is probably the way to seal it otherwise its a stopgap. Whats more interesting is the size of the bore and how it changes along with the movement of the where it retreats after Rand beats Ishy. This implies there is more to ishamel since he is linked to the lanscape or does it show the amount of power the dark one was using to find him and his other lost forsaken at this time. The prolgoue of book 6 shows this best with demandrad talking about a blockage and how the size has changed it always makes me wonder how big it is now compared to the age of lengends. Rand seems to understand this when he says it would strengthen the dark one but not as much as waiting would.
  3. Rand and LTT have the same soul and i take this as meaning the same base personality ect. Rand draws attention to this when he says the difference is he was raised better. So in my opinion it is the experiences that define a person. LTT was healed with the true power but he was still insane since Mordin himself had no idea how long the healing would last and he was hearing thru the taint making him mad that's how I see it. What makes me believe in my theory is how talents were taken over such as the ability to paint as if he had spent years doing it not just a memory and the fact this part of him that was LTT was able to grasp the power. With Birgitte I belive she is loosing her memories because the wheel has found a place for her back in the pattern with Elayne and she is being slowly spun into it perminatly similarly to as she would normally in loosing her memories of past lives and hopefully being connected to Gaidal. O and just for the sake of my curiousty who else thinks Mordin is Taim.
  4. I find my self disagreeing with the whole LTT being a construst idea. Firstly what is a person but a collection of experices which determins how they think and act. The voice clearly was Rand and Rand is LTT we know this because once they become one Rand says as much, and since the two have the same soul. It is fine to say it is a part of himself he would rather not acknowledge but that part is LTT. Its like how the heores of the horn remember there past lives. It all depends on your interpretion of how the pattern weaves out new threads or re uses old ones.
  5. Hi Love the debate about my whether or not i am arrogent due to the title which was meant to grab attention and get a laugh with the ish because except Jordan no one has all the answers and he is sadly no longer with us. Here's something fun for you i am from England so does that make me foreign I mean the series is internation written in English and based paritally on alot of English literature and others. Next I have been reading for about 3 years and make no claim to being an elite who has diesected the series. I started this thread to share ideas and give my opinon. First I know how Rand is linked to the land with the tea getting better ect was just bring up the other bit because i believe it to be involed or at least usable for orther channelers to make more food. Voice in Rand's head is Lews Therin Serimage stated as much also said no one who had this problem before had ever survived because of the idenity crisis madness. Here is something for you all to think about now i believe this won't happen but the one way to fix the darkone's prison properly is to use callandor to draw an unlimted amount of the one power which will kill the channelor and use to bale fire Lanfear out of the pattern completely so the bore is never made. Hope this clears things up.
  6. This thread is not a troll. There I used a full stop i can do punctuation, guess i was just tpying my thoughts not thinking. Also it will last probably up to a memory of light where virtually everything here may turn out to be wrong. Any way stop posting to complain thats why these things die. Anyway something fun to think about you rand's cool no dark one effect where he is power. It may be to do with the poewer as we all remember how in bk 1 Elida (can't spell sorry) made all the plants grow in the palace and said she could for a farm to well maybe Rand's doing that with Saidin. Something to think about enjoy.
  7. Hi here i am going to state my theories and try to proivde answers to anyquestions you may ask of me i will post more soon but first anyone else still wondering what rand's third question was after stepping through the arch in tear I believe it was how he could avoid a second breaking and the answer was that he needed to create the schools which he sets up in Cariahen and Andor More later enjoy that tell me your thoughts bye
  8. It had a big reputation when i started back in 2010 saw it as huge and took me a while to get up the effort to read but heard it was coming to an end so i got from the libraby adn started it and fell hook line and sinker
  9. Grey ajah for me just the love the idea of going round and smacking peoples heads togther and telling them to talk their problems through
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