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  1. "Who does Rand end up with?" I thought it obvious: Cadsuane.
  2. Nerim, Mat's valet. Michael Kramer has a humorous voice for this character in the audiobooks.
  3. I recall vaguely Mo said the finns told her not to bon* Rand (*Try the next letter in the alphabet )
  4. Popular opinion here seems to be that anyone vs Demandred is up for grabs. Which got me to thinking about another wildcard: Fain/Mordeth (explicitly a wildcard). They both want to kill the same guy. Demandred vs Fain, that's my prediction and I'm sticking with it...for a couple more months. :)
  5. Moridin, and this scene was the clincher for me:
  6. I have the impression the Chosen who met Isam was Cyndane. She referred to "Lews Therin". Elayne: @FOM, all out. *Last* Battle and all that. As for the AS outside the BT, well that could be the timeline issue.
  7. I made my purchase. Very happy to support Dragonmount and DRM free media. The Nook app for Mac and PC can import ePub format. It just doesn't sync it to your online B&N library. I'm not sure about ePub on Kindle. I think the preferred open format is .mobi. Edit: For those with iOS devices, you can import the ePub file into iTunes, sync your device and read it in iBooks. It must be locked to regions due to distro rights. Meh. Paypal 3 bucks to Luckers and he'll email you a copy? Or if you have m4D l337 h4x0r sk!llz, a VPN tunnel to an American IP address would work. Uh...nice admins. Nice, cool admins...
  8. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Or, perhaps it's like fishing: the Pattern reels them close, and plays them out on the line and repeat.
  9. Let the Lord of Chaos rule. Taim wanted (still wants?) a war with Aes Sedai, to further chaos and disunity among the Light side.
  10. I hadn't even considered this, but now that you mention it... Mat COULD just throw a 'grenade' at it, thanks to Aludra. Had to mention grenades, eh?
  11. Theory: RJ didn't want a lot of threads tied up so the Wheel may forever turn in our imaginations. On a lighter note, I imagine there will be lots of fanfic involving pillowfriends.
  12. I'd like to offer up an alternative: The verse prior to the Broken Champion is the Broken Wolf (I voted for Rand in the poll) and his fall and destruction refers to his being the Champion of Light. The Fisher piece is not done changing sides, I think. Dark Rand then offers himself as a willing sacrifice to Moridin(an Abraham/Isaac motif). Both sides need Rand's blood spilled for victory, in accordance with both prophecies. So it's a stalemate even then. But what happens after is what will decide the outcome.
  13. If only I could find my 1990's era Magic: The Gathering cards to bribe Mr. Sanderson...
  14. If the Light wins, we already know Loial writes his history book. It's been quoted in ToM, iirc.
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