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  1. I'm da noob here I'm on book 9 of my first read I guess I shouldn't be here but not one of you can stop me =p
  2. 16 male Like mat rand Perrin lan egwene nynave thom Loial elayne forsaken Lews Therin Asha'man Aviendha and all of the army leaders Dislike faile Aes Sedai Sea Folk Seanchan Wise ones basically any woman who can channel. But I am only on the 9th book so it could change
  3. I am a slow reader and I have timed my reading I get through a page about every 3.5 minutes (slow I know ) but in a 700 page book ( which is how big some WoT books are) that means I would have to read 40.8 hours straight to get through one book. I know there are some fast readers out there but if you read 4 times faster than me (sure I'm slow but it's not likely to be that fast) that's 10.2 hours. Sure you could do that in a day but who has that much time to kill In a day. If a norm reader reads 4 times faster than me... Then I need some help I guess. But a book like that in a day not likely but possible
  4. I think about 1/20th of all of Rands army will be DF's and are just waiting till the LB to turn back to being DF's and in the middle of the LB the entire 1/20th of the army will at once turn around and fight the good guys.... can you understand the damage it could do if that many people started back stabbing in your ranks things would break in to chaos .... If I was the DO that is what I would have my followers do .... Even if there was less DF's say 1/100th it would still have a great effect
  5. I live in a desert and I tried to concentrate so I wouldn't sweat.... It didn't work ... It just gave me a headache and dehydration.... Don't try it..... Lewis Therrin wouldnt get out of my head =]
  6. When mat Perrin or Rand stop any assassination attempt and there are quite a few of them
  7. What about Loial and Galad when they went off and destroyed the waygate 1st off there were thousands of dark friends roaming around the two rivers at the time 2nd you can't hide a 8ft+ Ogere in the Forrest so they most likely had to fight most of the way there 3rd Loial was going to destroy one of the Ogeres most prized and treasured things (the waygates ) and 4th if they hadn't the two rivers would have been destroied no if or buts about it
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