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  1. I'll give you 15 too, although doubt I will agree with my own list in a year or so. Still these 15 are good films: - American History X - Liar Liar - Gladiator - Braveheart - Romeo and Julliet (even with LdC playing in it) - Matrix - Sin City - SaW - Usual Suspects - When Trumpets Fade - The Last Samurai - Enemy at the Gates - Silence of the Lambs - Blood in Blood out - Memento Ah well, Kill Bill should be on it too...
  2. 1 A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen 2 Thomas Covenant (perfect anti hero and flowing story) 2 WoT (flowing story line and nice characters) 2 SoIaF (Harsh, intriging and a good read) 2 HP (fun, feel good books without resorting to only happy endings) All those at second place are all equal, excelling in one point and less in other points. Cant really say one is better than the other, they are just different. Further I read quite a few and the worst ever started with The Kingless land. Also The elenium throne by eddings didnt captivate me at all. On the other hand there are quite a few that you could still read: The books by Ramond E. Feist are good. Liked all the books I read even though they were translated versions. Same counts for the Portal of death series of Weiss & Hickmann. I like the character Zifnab especially (introduced in book 2). The shannara books arent bad, but when you read one series all the rest are similar. The Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliot is next in rank I think. Lots of intrigue and a well defined story line. It's just a shame that there are so many story lines and that it's hard to keep track of everything, good thing about the series though is that there is not really a good side and a bad side. Then we have SoT, really a lot of nice characters in there, just a shame that the author uses his main character as some goody two shoes who has all the correct answers and all the correct views. One other good series is by David B. Coe (LonTobyn or something like that). It's just a feel good triology, but it's nicely written. Same counts for Memory Thorn and Sorrow. Finally there are two more fantasy series I've read. One by Diana Marcellas is written almost poetical which I kinda like and it's still developing, so cant really say if it is good or bad. The second one is a triology by Elizabeth Hayden. I read them because of the reviews that were awesome... Ah well they are a fair read, but to be honest would only recommend them if you are out of books and you needed something to read. Btw the books by Auel... The first book is quite oke, but the rest of the books... Those are just full of sex (or at least as far as I read them), it kinda takes the erotic out of it and leaves you to read like you were reading some literature book about coupling of males and females. I am reading the Dark tower atm, but havent really gotten into it yet. It's Stephen Kings way of writing... Still need to get used to it, but normally the books end up quite okay. I just noticed I left out two books. Dune by Frank Herbert is a really good read (at least the first book, the rest... they just go on and on...), but dont know if it is fantasy or sf although both are kinda the same. And the other books I left out are of course the ones by Tolkien. You cant compare any of the following books with this one. He created the genre in the first place, the rest are just books which deviate from the original books. Not that books after this triology are always worse, but just you cant really compare the founder with the ones following.
  3. To be honest I just scanned through the posts above especially after I read about someone who read phantom already. I am waiting for the paperback version before buying the book. I've read the entire serie up to that book and I do agree with what has been said above. Couple of points I want to make (not really sure if they were made, but well here it goes again sorry) 1. The only time he says that there is a view to the truth is in the very first book. Thereafter it's always his side of the truth that is the truth. This sucks... Every government system has it's positive and negative sides and every truth is ambigious. (I can say who my father is but it's not the same as yours is it... It's all point of view) 2. Book 1 to 6 with 6 being the crown of his work were really good. Book 7 was already quite saying what to think. And in book 8 he restated so many times that you needed to deserve victory and that you needed to do everything he said that I almost gave up on the series. Book 8 (chainfire) though is really much better again. And phantom I havent read yet. 3. That said I think still it's a mediocre series, with a nice romance in it, but in too many ways the writer takes obvious control of events, which makes it rather tasteless to read. 4. There are some really good characters in the series. I really like Zedd, he's just by far the best character. Furthermore, I like most of the characters on the side like Cara, Rachel, Chase, Nathan, Berdine and even Nicci, Ann, Verna and Warren. Still it has been my first fantasy series that I started reading so it's really nice to read. Just skip half of NE and it's a fine series.
  4. Thomas Covenant is the most likely anti hero off them all (or at least of those I know). A leper that has only one way of living and gets put in some place where he experiences everything anew, which makes him mad. To go against his madness he tells himself that he is in a dream of some sort. A dream that is not real although everything that happens in the dream effects him still. He isnt a bad guy, he is just the most unlikely good guy you ever wanted to meet. Raping, challeging believes, uncaring, self centered and so on. But he has to be if he ever wants to stay alive when he gets thrown out of the "dream".
  5. LOL Majsju, agree with you about Gawyn, just believing because it's hinted at and then not even going to help Elayne. Deaths: Anan (after she's been healed), Tam, Wil Al'seen, either Avienda or Min or both, Elaida (guess everyone is hoping that), Cadsuane, Dyelin (it's already in her name), Rand although he will survive too in some weird way, just wont be taveren anymore, Thom and Moirane, Selucia, Elyas and lots of aiel. Probably totally missed it, but well that's why I still want to read the final 2 books.
  6. Euhm, Mystica dont go all over with the women in the series. Yes some men think like, let the women have their way when they want it, and when it's important we'll get our way. (emond's field). Yes the womens circle gets a lot done, but still the village council isnt a total push over. Furthermore, dont forget in this world women are stronger (they are the only ones able to channel at least for like couple of centuries) and man who can channel are feared above all else. This is ingrained in every aspect of this world and has its effects on how men are regarded. Furthermore Malkier do not crawl, they would be willing to die before harm comes to any woman, but that's something different. They just feel themselves as protectors. Sea folk... See wedding of Nynaeve, it's quite hilarious I think. The Seanchan, the last emperor died 500 years ago, women are just more devious than man (during the last 500 years I guess). Furthermore, they have been followers of Arthur Hawkwing... Andor yes, but well if you want to make sure the of the inheritance then you should always use queens. The Aiel, as the wise ones are the only ones that can channel they have the power to devastate and annihilate the aiel if they get themselves involved in wars and the like. So they form groups and keep themselves out of feuds. Still leaders of the entire clan are always men. (Sevanna isnt leader of the Shaido, she's just the wife of the last leader). Even in Ebou Dar there is an devision in what the husband does and what the wife does. Anan didnt tell her husband where to fish as long as he didnt tell her how to run her inn. But well the law states in Ebou Dar that a woman can kill her husband, it's probably a bad joke from RJ to reflect what is happening in our own world, although just the other way around, but well it's fantasy so you can create your own world with your own rules. The wolf brother is called Elyas btw.
  7. First of all I wouldnt change a single thing. It just wouldnt be the series as it is now. Rewriting is bad, just start over from scratch if you want to do something different. CoT is said to be the worst book of the series, I disagree, it was actually the first book I felt what the people were going through, the others were fun to read, but it was more happenings. Character development... I do agree some people arent smart at all. Elaida is the most prominent example. But everyone has done his or her stupid thing, makes them more likeable in my opinion. And Nynaeve has had trouble adjusting herself to the new order of things, that is mainly why she got mad in the first place, she did need a husband to settle down. But well only a couple of years have passed since the start of the book and you have seen every character coping with what they heard in their own way, isnt that character development either. Anyway, either you want a shorter book without any development but more action or you want a longer one with more thoughts of the persons. On the whole man/woman thing... Dont think it's that bad at all. Mat doesnt just lie down, Rand is definitely not inferior to any of his loves. Perrin same thing although he doesnt think himself up to ruling and the like, whereas he thinks his wife is. And yes in ebou dar a woman is allowed to kill a guy. In some parts of our world a man is allowed to kill a woman, both are insane so why cant it happen in fantasy? I've read a number of fantasy series now. I think WoT is one of the best. The only ones that can come up to his (RJ's) level (and maybe pass) are the series by Steven Erikson and by Stephen Donaldson (although the last is difficult for some people to appreciate I guess, although he does let his character develop).
  8. Majsju, dont really agree with you that Malkieri should die totally. Nor that Manetheren shouldnt be resurrected. It's the wheel of time right, that means everything has to come again and again and again... On other hand, I do agree with you, dont make it a fluffy series. But there are enough deaths in the series to account for it. I guess the total body count is like far over 100000 at the moment. Anyway, what I do expect still is that the tinkers will find their song and drive the Blight back before the actual fight begins or while the actual fighting is commencing. The book wont be over without the blight being conquered anyway. And about Lan, he'll has to finish his brother first, 1 attempt was made on them both and it wont stay with that one I guess.
  9. Just an intro: Name is Andre, born and brought up in Eindhoven The Netherlands, but seen quite a bit of the world and still planning to see a lot more. Studying some subject related to organisations and such (english name slipped from my mind atm) Anyway read the books and just read the blog RJ wrote and doesnt look that good. Hope he feels up to finishing the series as it is one of the best I've read. But regardless hope he gets through this whole mess with the little bugs. It seems the wheel of time is what we have here too, the world starts out with microorganisms which then evolve into dino's and now the smallest of the worlds population feeds on everything it can get. Ah well we knew RJ was special, less than 1 in a million... BTW, if you are asking yourself where Necrophorus comes from it's latin for deathdigger and that's from a scene of Hamlet I believe, never read the whole play, but this was in one of the schoolbooks and I liked it. The line "6 feet of dirt make all men equal" comes from that part of the play for those who didnt know.
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