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  1. Tuon and the Seanchan get a massive "beat down" during the assault of the White Tower when Mat blows the horn out of desperation and Artur Hawkwing shows up :D
  2. Logain will end up being the true Dragon Reborn and Rand would have fulfilled the prophecies by proxy!!
  3. You should check out Lost Odyssey, it's my favourite RPG of all time and it's developed by Mistwalker who are the team who worked on the original Final Fantasies up to ff10 I believe, the soundtrack is also done by Uematsu and it's absolutely AMAZING!!
  4. My opinion is that RJ hadn't thought up the character of Mazrim Taim at that point which is why he wasn't mentioned :p
  5. Kinda sad but I cried reading the chapter 1 excerpt from AMOL where Rand and Perrin were laughing and joking in the tent with Min asleep next door, just knowing what's going to happen to Rand and what could possibly happen to Perrin made it so bloody bittersweet :( I really don't know how I'm going to manage to finish reading AMOL, lol
  6. Aha, I see what you've done there, great job HighWiredSith, genius!
  7. Taim is one of my faves too dude, I sometimes wonder whether I have this feeling because I want him to be one of the good guys so much, lol With regards to Snape, the revelation is my fave moment in the HP books, I literally had tears in my eyes when I read it so I really don't want to spoil it too much for you other than to say, yes, Snape was definitely working for the good guys dude :D
  8. I have a feeling even though I have no evidence at all to support it that Mazrim Taim is going to pull a "Snape" and turn out to be a double agent for the light. No evidence at all, just a feeling, lol
  9. Aha, I love this :D I have a pet Myna bird who's middle name is Mazrim! Also whenever I'm drunk I tend to post WoT quotes on my Facebook and Twitter, sometimes in the old tongue and I end up having to explain what the hell I'm talking about. I also like to sing Jak o' the shadows when I'm out carousing the bars with the boys XD
  10. Aha, it's a Derby thing dude, where I'm from in the U.K we don't differentiate between the sexes when it comes to calling someone man, dude, love, duck, buddy etc :D I hope you didn't take offence.
  11. Awesome, thanks man :D p.s more than 1/3rd is battles/fights :0
  12. Yeah, I'm not holding out any hope for it coming early, in fact I still think it's going to come later than Jan 8th :( My bad, I could post this in the BS twitter update thread to bump it up and get this topic removed?
  13. Not sure if this belongs on this part of the site but Brandon has just tweeted a few tidbits regarding AMoL as follows.... 1st tweet- I'm sorry I don't have more specific WoT posts for you--I know that Harriet prefers me to be more closed-mouthed. However... (more.) 2nd tweet- Maria from Team Jordan has finished her revision notes for the entire book, as has Harriet herself. So we're only waiting on Alan's notes. 3rd tweet- As he's playing "Great Captain" for me on AMoL, his notes are vital--and he needs to be detailed. When I get them, I can finish revising. All 3 tweets were within seconds of each other and posted about 10 minutes ago :D Silly little things like this make me even more excited for AMoL
  14. I like the idea of them being Sharans but I'm going to have to agree with the popular consensus that they are indeed "twisted" Aiel channelers who went to the blight and got 13x13'd or some other trick of the dark.
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