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  1. Are there any obnoxious, over-weight characters in tWoT? I'm trying to figure out who gets to be Rex Ryan :-P p.s. I'm a patriots fan, so IMO Bernard Pollard takes the "Moridin" role with ease! He, figuratively speaking, ruined Welker, Brady, and Gronk. WTF MAN quit messing up the pattern! oh yeah, and Belichick's gotta play the Lance role. Always super serious, yet effective Min = cheerleader. All she does is look pretty and pretend to read books. "OH yeah Rand, you go fight the dark one. you got this! i'm just gonna chill in my room, flirt with the old librarian dude, and distract you from what you're supposed to be doing.."
  2. Yeah, and then they started developing some of the same mannerisms, like Moridin standing with his hand behind his back. Even other characters noticed the changes, and remarked on the similarities, if I remember right. You guys are totally right, I can't believe I never picked up on that...
  3. So, let me get this straight: Egwene dies, along with her discovery of maybe the single-greatest spell EVER! Now nobody will rediscover that weave for thousands of years, if ever! Common!!!
  4. Yup, it's gotta be the same person; the general consensus seems to be that it's the Creator's avatar.
  5. Official content released: Chapter 1, prologue, etc. are verbatim what is printed in the book. I, myself, also have yet to decide if i'll reread those portions or skip them.
  6. Yeah, but there is no way the time scale of aMoL allows for the impregnation and subsequent birth of Avienda's children.
  7. Is aMoL the most anticipated novel since the 7th Harry Potter Book? I've noticed that it's been the #1 best seller on Amazon for nearly a week (recently dethroned by "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes," on account of new years resolutions), but currently sits at #2. I find this pretty impressive, considering that it hasn't even been released yet and, according to amazon, has been in the top 100 for 103 days... So I raise the question: Is this the most anticipated novel since the Deathly Hallows? Or perhaps, just the most anticipated novel belonging to the fantasy genre in that timespan?
  8. I'm anticipating the death of all the remaining Foresaken, and I hope that each of their deaths is seen from their own POV. In other words, if/when Cyndane is killed, I want the POV to be her own. Rinse and repeat with all the other foresaken.
  9. Rand may very well go through the pillars again, if/when he learns of Avienda's recent trip. However, I don't think "an" Aes Sedai created the pillars. I think such an invention would require far more ingenuity than belongs to a single person. Using Rand as an example: he's the strongest and most knowledgable non-Foresaken in this age (in terms of the one power), yet what has he been able to create? From my very poor memory, I recall him saying that he developed and proceeded to lay some very nasty traps at waygates, which would go off upon someone breaking and entering, but I cannot remember him really inventing anything else--especially anything on par of the pillars, which are really quite marvelous in their capacity to convey information to the user.
  10. Did you preorder via Amazon? If not, then which vendor? I sure wouldn't mind a WoT bag--even if it is cheap
  11. I really love this poll and I think the topic is truly the epitome of the series. While the theme of the series has consistently been: "the wheel turns and turns, etc. etc.," I believe that Fain is the wild card that will disrupt the pattern and banish the dark one from the pattern. However, having said that, I think the best possible ending--in my eyes--would be one that follows the proceeding storyline: Rand pwns the Dark one and/or Fain, and somehow the reader is lead to believe that all is well and that Rand has succeeded only to read a final paragraph that entail something alone the lines of: "the squash went rotten all of a sudden... uh ohhhh..." I'd totally love that! :-P
  12. In lieu of the holiday spirit, I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect upon how The Wheel of Time series has affected me as a reader. Before The Wheel of Time entered my life, I primarily read fictional novels written by the likes of Dan Brown, Ken Follett, and Nelson Demille. While I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy & Harry Potter, I had never considered fantasy novels to be "page turners," which is what I consider most of the books written by the aforementioned authors. In April of 2011 (my final semester of undergraduate life) a close friend of mine, who was staying at my townehouse for the weekend, brought with him the Eye of the World and promptly began a 2 day quest to convince me to read it. Hesitant at first, I reluctantly agreed and within ~2 weeks, had finished the Eye of the World: my first Robert Jordan book. While I was fortunate enough to enjoy the Eye of the World as a softcover, I proceeded to read books 2-13 by iPod Touch or Laptop--both of which are irritating and less than preferable. (Note: Rest assured, I'll be reading A Memory of Light as a hardcover) I now spend a good chunk of my spare time perusing Dragonmount as I attempt to ease my anticipation for a Memory of Light, as I regularly read posts, yet periodically voice my opinon. My general opinion for dragonmount is neither here, nor there; rather, I am quite thankful for the mark imprinted on my opnions forcibly left by the likes of the Wheel of Time and its fans. As a teacher of select subjects (well, at least I like to think of myself in this light), I realize that influence can take on the appearence of many beasts. It is one thing for one to read and comprehend a subject (fictional novels of the late 21st century), a book (the Wheel of time), or a concept (individuals are reincarnated and ultimately serve a purpose and/or role in the "wheel of time.")... However, it is another thing entirely to motivate an individual to the point where they come to respect a subject, to truly enjoy a book, or to buy into a concept. Regardless of my philosophical or spiritual idealologies, I find myself--time and time again--diving into the intricate theories manifested by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and the fanbase that makes up the entire Dragonmount community. As a result, The Wheel of Time has taught me to appreciate the genre of fantasy fiction in an entirely new light (haha see what I did there? :-P). I may be wrong, but I'd guess that other fans on this forum have similar feelings, and I think it's important that we sit down and appreciate this for a few minutes before all hell breaks lose on the forums Jan 8th. Thank you Dragonmount. Thank you Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson. And most importantly, thank you to the fans: without whom, my portrayal of the Wheel of Time would be far more objective, far simpler, and far more boring.
  13. I predict that Fain severely injures Moridin, putting him on the brink of death. Via the link with Moridin, Rand too is maimed and realizes that his death would concurrently bring about the death of Moridin. He then will ask either Alivia or Morraine (or both) to finish him off, thereby killing Moridin in the process. TAR will then play a major role in his resurrection and he's able to come back to life to finish the job. Happy Holidays to all!
  14. While I concede that some of the Point of Views written by Sanderson can be awkward at times (especially Mat's POVs), I feel that Sanderson largely does not get the credit he deserves. While nobody could possible write the WOT with the same finesse as Jordan, Sanderson, in many ways, rescued the series for me. The books preceding The Gathering Storm read a lot slower for me than the TGS and TOM. Albeit lacking in many aspects, the writing style imposed by Sanderson absolutely rekindled my passion for the series. Too frequently, fans critique Sanderson's manipulation of the series; but I, for one, consider the last two books superior to some of Jordan's later novels such as Winter's Heart. All in all, I think the activity on this forum speaks for itself: the fans can't wait for Jan. 8th, and neither can I.
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