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  1. ...it's over. for the past 7 years, i lived through this series, fantasized about it, and on my spare time thought about it. I ACTUALLY dreamed chapters, like me reading the chapter, word for word, and the scenes occuring around me in my dream. I feel empty, in shock, happy, sad....but LIGHT that ending was bloody beautiful when Rand walked off.... I'm sad Egwene, Siuan, and Gareth, died....Gawyn deserved it for being an idiot, and I was only sad for Egwene when he died. Now how to find a new series before I die of shock???.....should I close my eyes in the fantasy section and spin around in circles and point to a random location in honour of Mat?..... Dovie'andi se tovya sagain. The Light shine on you, and the Creator shelter you RJ, and BS, and all those who had any contributing role to the story...including the readers. Farewell Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Elayne, Lan, Moiraine....and all the rest I will not mention since there are far too many of you I will miss. Farewell
  2. Before I read Towers of Midnight, my friend 'spoiled' it for me by saying Mat and Perrin die at the end of it...so reading the entire book expecting them to die sort of psychologically prepared me for their deaths, though I really doubt that any of them will die - and I hope neither do. Not going to lie though...after The Shadow Rising the only thing Perrin did that made me hopeful that he survives the last battle is when he shows up Egwene in TAR. I completely agree with jack of shadows' comment for the record...except it was Crossroads of Twilight which almost ruined it for me.
  3. awesome sketch of rand (the one by Gusdal)...the eyes really bring that picture to life. love the pumpkin too
  4. hmm, i'm not too sure...I don't remember the chapter or book, but I remember Semirage claimed that she tortured Myrdraal to find out how it is they did what they did and that even Myrddraal didn't know (this was, I believe, while she was torturing Cabriana and her Warder). Though I guess that doesn't disprove your theory, because if Myrddraal don't know how it is they do what they do, and therefore it is instinctive, that could explain why they don't channel the True Power and use it as a weapon; it could be something like how Nyneave healed people sometimes without even realising that she used the One Power.
  5. Tarmon Gai'don gives me chills everytime i see it; it's been my desktop backround ever since I first saw it. I'm glad to see something on the mistborn series, it's not as popular as I personally think it should be.
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