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  1. I'm sitting here listening to this...and it took me like 15 times of it saying "Beer-geeta" before I realized this was the way it was pronouncing Birgette......is that for reals?
  2. Every single character lacking a penis. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. In every single female PoV in this series, the women look down upon men as a lesser life-form. But having to pick out specific characters..... Mazrim Taim. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Not 1. He was given trust, and uses it for evil. Maybe he is a forsaken in disguise. But honestly, if he is, then only Rands pure stupidity is keeping him from being completely obliterated. Fine, you want to make evil male channelers? A good plan I will grant..but doing it IN Rands school? At any point the whole thing has been goin
  3. Throughout all the books, I see references to the TP being "of the Dark One" and such. I was perusing a few of the different online sites about it and they all agreed. My question is....if the TP is "of the dark one" why can Rand use it? Surely the Dark One isn't hooking him up in an attempt to trick him somehow. Here we see that Rand taps into the true power. He sees a face. But there is no inference that he recognizes the face. No hint that Sanderson/Jordan intended for it to be Moridins face. He identifies the power as "alien" but not "evil" or "foul" as commonly seen when ha
  4. If you look around online, you can find Ebook versions that have been sanitized by fans. All my kindle copies have perfect formatting and spelling etc etc. I have originals and edits. The edits are far superior IMHO, spelling errors just bug me for some reason. my paper copies actually have hand written edits in them...lol
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