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  1. So... yeah, uhm have we abandon the theory of saidin disappearing?
  2. I'm not so sure about not being able to take away one side of the OP since only saidin was tainted. Well firstly I'm not sure how the seanchan arc would be for nothing. And secondly why would a writer not include story arcs if they would turn out to be in vain? I mean the black tower has its purpose even if saidin disappears and leaving it out just because the planned ending makes it all in vain would be stupid IMO. All I'm saying is that if certain story arcs seems to be in vain because of what happens in the last book maybe it's not so bad since the story arc in itself is a natural development in the WoT world. Hmm I'm not so sure if my message is recieved hehe difficult to explain what I mean! Well I believe that humanity learns of their previously mistake and makes sure that the ability to channel isn't culled out. The 'breeding' between male and female channelers will most likely increase now that the taint is gone and the reds mission to bond male channelers. This could be it. The only question is why they would want to do this in the coming ages, since I'm assuming these kind of ter'angreals are made by humans. Perhaps people are too powerful and fears the true source similar to the fear of balefire?
  3. Topic pretty much says it all. Sooner or later the usage of the one power will die out if our current age is to appear. Will it somehow have anything to do with the Last Battle? I'm not sure if this have been discussed or if there are any evidence on exactly how the ability to channel disappears. Throughout the books we've been told that the ability to channel is decreasing, probably because of the gentling of male channelers. However I personally believe that with the taint gone there will be an increase in the ability to channel (and I've also read somewhere either on this forum or in the books that there are women out there who specifically finds male channelers and, for a lack of a better word, 'mates'). So I for one believe that the ability to channel will be caused by either saidin or saidar disappears (or both). We know that in a possible future seen by Aviendha that women still can channel saidar (did we see saidin..?), so it's safe to assume that saidar is still there after LB, leaving the possibility of saidin disappearing after LB. Exactly how this will happen, or if it is even possible, is up for discussion.
  4. Lurker long time, first post. I'm not sure if this has been brought to attention, however in LoC (I don't have the exact quote) someone mentions a rumour about a city where people are killing each other. So whatever one thinks about Hinderstrap (I'm not too fond of it either) it does fit the world of WoT IMO.
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