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  1. Yeah, I know but I read to calm me down, to induce sleep, to think to something else that day-to-day matters. If I need to concentrate a lot to understand what I'm reading, I'm missing the point :-) Though, I should say I don't have that much difficulties reading English books.. I should at least give it a try :D My current book should be ended within 10 days or so, so I'll see.
  2. Is there a board where I can go where I won't be spoiled? :)
  3. Yeah, I heard that books 6 and 7 are quite slow... But I'm warned :)
  4. Thanks Jaedan! That's the kind of answer I was looking for :) Now, I just wonder if I should read it in English or in French (there's a new edition from Bragelone with a better translation).
  5. So what it looks like? Sword of Truth (please no!) ?
  6. Well, I wonder where I'll get my answers Ledinna Sedai :)
  7. Hello ! I would like to start reading WoT in the following weeks. So I guess I'll be lurking on this forum quite a bit into the next year :) What kind of books WoT can be compared to? I read LOTR obviously when I was a teenager (20 years ago), Drizzt and some Moorcock as well. I restart reading a few years ago, reading the 5 books of ASOFAI, the first trilogy of Fitz, Black Company, tried Malazan (I'll come back on this one when my english reading aptitudes will be better) and some others. As far as I know, TOR will reedit the books with new covers, I was wondering if it will be one per month until the last book or it might pause from release to release. My plan is to read them all and be at the same pace for the release of the last one. Thanks!
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