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  1. Mervin Poel for me (the guy who invented the steam engine) - I am an engineer who loves research/tinkering. Definitely him.
  2. It could also be that the disk was formed with different metals - Iron turns white and copper turns black? or the channeler may be able to encompass their half of the disk then turn everything inside the weave and thus creating the split
  3. If I was in control of a damane who had that restriction - I would basically beat them until they want to channel to prevent the beatings. In the same way I would make them battle with the power somewhat like this (assuming I had enough Aes Sedai damane) 1) tell damane to kill someone 2) damane doesn't 3) kill damane 4) move onto next Aes Sedai damane they will eventually learn that in order they have to channel as "the last defense of their life". you could similarly go through their warders too and so a green with 3 warders would get 3 chances to channel as they are told to before their own life is at risk. I know this is all very crass but I believe it would be how the Suldam would work to get the job done
  4. I would certainly say that the nature can be different. I will try to explain how I think it goes in the extreme of each case 1) everything you say is the exact right thing for what needs to happen to occur 2) everything you do is the exact right thing for what needs to happen to occur (slightly different) (like Paul in the latter Dune books) 3) everything you do happens to have the correct outcomes (Mat hitting the rabbit and finding a pot for his dinner) 4) everything has happened before you are there and you are just there to do what needs to be done (imagine if someone was already there and had happened to have cooked enough rabbit - like Elyas in EotW for Perrin) 5) In order for the right things to occur, people will say something they are unlikely to say (Like Mat with his bargain with the windfinders) This is how I imagine things to be different for different Ta'veren and I also imagine that specific examples would come and go as needed. Some people may have some of these examples manifest themselves more often but I would also expect each one to happen to each ta'veren. Going through the examples with Mat and his rabbit 1) Mat says "Gee I'm hungry I wish we had some cooked rabbit" - Moiraine then fetches him the rabbit and cooks it with her fire - Mat gets dinner 2) Mat sees a rabbit and throws a stone at it with the intention of killing it for tea then looks for a pot in the river and finds it - Mat gets dinner 3) Mat throws a stone in frustration it hits the rabbit etc (we all know this one) - Mat gets dinner 4) Mat pulls the three of them out of the tower and finds a waiting servant with cooked rabbit - Mat gets dinner 5) Thom says - Mat you look hungry, let me go catch you a rabbit for dinner - Mat gets dinner See what I mean?
  5. Think of it like a picture that someone holds so that you are looking directly at one side (can only see one edge and nothing else) the person then turns the picture around so you are looking directly at the front of it. This is what it looks like rotating although the partially open gate is never on an angle from you. Better yet. Imagine you have recorded your friend turning the picture around. You now project just the picture part onto a wall and watch it turn. This will be 2 dimensional and you will still see the 'gateway' appear as if rotating into view.
  6. Also remember that the way the pattern works the Taveren is that it gives people what is needed in order to succeed. So it didn't have to be Mat & Perrin in anyones body - just the pattern causing them to be lucky/rise quickly to give the BA something to hunt. The poor dead guys are just pawns in keeping Rand safe
  7. My favourite would definately be Nynaeve, especially how she has developed from stomping around Emonds Field to the gal who does what needs to be done for the greater good. She would be the female equivalent to Rand in terms of commitment to the cause
  8. I would imagine it is possible to create a gateway of some sort into the ways. After all the waygates are exactly that. These gates are created with the Talisman of Growing which in turn use the OP to create the gateway. If there is no way to create a gateway into the ways - how are there some in the real world?
  9. Using angreal is also compared to bringing people into a circle and one female can join with 12 others without any problem. perhaps there are similar restrictions to angreal. Not that this limit will ever be tested that I can imagine
  10. could you imagine him telling a channeler "Open a gate to...say the 5th floor, by a window" and he closes his eyes, reached in a puts his hand on the horn. It would be priceless
  11. I would expect now that the royal family has all been killed that if Fortuona died there would be a succession of which Mat could content for the throne. He would have to overcome not being Seanchan for the public to accept him but I expect if he had the numbers, he would win a military succession (if he even wanted to) Also with the bowing to the throne, the only instances we see reference to the prophecy it has been paraphrased. I have a theory that it will be Mat who bows to the throne, not the DR
  12. Try these two links (I searched "Verin letters" in the DM search and got 6 pages of results Verin's Letters Discussion Verin Discussion There is lots around about the letters, Yes it is thought that Alana, Rand and Galad all got a letter from Verin. Rand's letter is thought to say that the White Tower kidnapped one of the kings (can't remember which one) and that possibly Wiermon was a DF. We don't know what Alana's said but it is what made her leave quickly. We also don't know about Galad but it may be informing him about his relationship with Rand, the potential of Forsaken manipulation within his ranks, maaybe specifying some of the DF in the whitecloaks. There is also the possibility that more letters will turn up in aMoL, it was said that she had a sack of them, not just 4
  13. I think the defensive gear he uses is killing the other guy first
  14. Gentling also kills the 'host' and the rings themselves aren't weapons like swords - not many people would be expected to kill with a ring
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