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  1. Naturally as a WOT geek for the better part of my 40 years I’m excited for this news. Not that it matters, but I was a member of this back when dial up was how we got here. I remember printing out entire pages from this site so I could read at my leasure. Look, we can stress about so many things. And i promise you we will all be disappointed by something. But be honest with yourself. If you love this story as much as I do, you’ll watch this adaptation and pray they do it the Creator’s justice. ❤️
  2. finished my re-read in like sep. now im reading TOM again.....
  3. Min's life revolves around Rand. Rand is the single most important thing to her. If given a choice between min's loyalty, Elayne's beauty and power and Avi's power and beauty i'd choose Min every time. Besides, no man wants to hear what a fool he is every five minutes, regardless if it's true or not.
  4. I get why a twisted last minute Rand death is interesting. But those never healing wounds on his side have been placed there by the pattern to insure he dies at SG. How Alivia helps him is imposible to say. in fact how exactly his wounds rip open is tuff to say. But the simple answer is usually the best. I also find the baelfire resurection to be cheap. Nyneve has done what nobody else can time and again. Healing death is just the inevitable next step in her charactors development.
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