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  1. It is very bad for water to collect in a basin. The water will turn poisonous. It need to circulate in order to retain the oxygen and be free of carbon dioxide.
  2. But they can create obstacles that would be very hard for the enemy to overcome. Such as a burning wall of fire that would force the enemy to move around and into a killing field made by men, not OP. Or even create shields against incoming arrows and balls of fire or rocks.
  3. No Talaan was too powerful for the Sea Folk to let her go. They would never allow her to go. They would have made sure that someone with weak powers would go. Talaan went without the permission of Sea Folk if that, she left willingly.
  4. Did they actually run away? Or they were killed by Careane and made to look like that they ran away. I think there is a darkfriend among the Windfinders and the Knitting Circle as well.
  5. I can only wish that Therava shares the same fate as Galina. I want her taken down and tied up before Sorilea. Sorilea is one bad ass dame. I think she's even harder and tougher than Cadsuane.
  6. Don't forget that "Min" in Hebrew means sex. LOL
  7. Furthermore, Galad does practice his training a lot. Note Gawyn's statements how he has to practice harder because Galad beat Hammar and Coulin three times out of five. It seems that Galad tries to improve his sword play. Also witness Pedron Niall's thoughts about Galad. Niall said Galad was becoming a very good officer, even on his way to being the best officer that the WC ever had.
  8. It would be cool to see that Perrin inherits the mantle and guide Randland. I think he is the reincarnation of the Peter (can't remember exact name) the Goldentongue, one of the first people to create the Compact of Nations and forge the course of Randland after the breaking.
  9. One more thing puzzled me. If Rand says that Shadowspawn can't get through gateways, then where did the second group of Trollocs that saved the Stone of Tear from being overrunned in The Shadow Rising? Remember when Sammael sent Trollocs to the Stone of Tear, someone else (not Lanfear) sent Trollocs to battle Sammael's Trollocs. I wonder who did it and how he/she did it.
  10. Actually it was the Mongol hordu or tumen that was the most effective fighting force pre-gunpowder.
  11. I am somewhat still confused to how exactly Rand cleansed the Saidin.
  12. Who the frak cares whether AMOL should be one book or three books? The point is no one knows because RJ died before he finished the book. The only people that would have the best knowledge is Harriet, his boss, and his closest friends that he confided in. The fact that they agreed to split the 3 books is not a big deal because they had the power to make the decision, given by RJ. I don't see anywhere that RJ said the fans could question the choices that Tor, Harriet, or Brandon Sanderson could make. Although we may be die hard fans of the Wheel of Time, it is not up to us to make the deci
  13. My favorite moment is when Perrin goes into the Waygate immediately and leaves for the first guidepost with Gaul remarking that it is fun to be young. The next one is when Faile upon discovering Perrin at the guidepost immediately walks up and slaps Perrin hard.
  14. 1. Hurin 2. Tam 3. Furyk Karede 4. Gaul 5. Berelain 6. Olver 7. Vanin 8. Narishma 9. Verin 10. Shaidar Haran 11. Charles Guybon
  15. No way would Perrin turn to the shadow for Faile's sake. Recall the discussion between Perrin, Arganda(sp?), Sulin, and Berelain regarding possible ransom for Faile. Perrin totally rejected it out of hand even though it could have meant that Faile would have been freed. He said that the Aiel would pay for harming Faile although there was no guarantee that he would get Faile out.
  16. Mat made a bad decision that was worse what Egwene or Perrin made?! Come on, I haven't seen anything remotely like that.
  17. Wrong. During the Roman times, Rome would get its grains from Egypt. The grain from Egypt was so valuable that they went to war with anyone or during its civil wars, vie for control of Egypt's fertile lands to gain control of its grains. So that tells you that Europe did imported significant portion of its food staples from abroad.
  18. Rand is not Elayne's half brother. He is not related to her in any way except for that very thin blood line dating from the First Queen of Andor.
  19. It was not SH but a regular Fade acting on orders on behalf of a Forsaken, I think, Sammeal.
  20. I think it has to do more with bringing in the next two heroes of the Horn into life. At the end of the Great Hunt when Mat blew the Horn, Rand sees two characters, Shivan the Hunter and Calian the Chooser. They are said to be Heralds of the New Age coming. When they are born, it signifies the end of an Age and the birth of a new Age, IIRC. It is my theory that when Elayne's babies are born, since they are a twin and has some significance according to Min's viewings, the end of the Age will come and a new Age is coming soon.
  21. My take on it: I forgive hot beautiful girls with nice bosoms!!! They can do anything as long as I bed them!! Seriously, Yes Elayne made some mistakes such as leading the Aes Sedai without taking precautions and getting them killed. She needs to learn that lesson or she will lose far more in the future and not just a few Aes Sedai, but more people. Hundreds of people have died rescuing her from the Black Ajah. I don't think she has learned what led precisely to this. However, she had made some sound strategic decisions such as with the Borderland Army and using it a
  22. Experience counts a lot but so does youth because when you are young, you tend to be more quicker and faster. However experience can make up for it but not in a fight where your opponent has nearly the same experience but is younger and more quicker and faster and has more stamina. Before Rand lost his hand, Rand is definitely better than Galad due to more experience. Lan is very experienced but he is old however his Warder bond tend to give him the necessary stamina. The question is which one is more quicker and faster and by how much degree. If Rand is quicker than Lan and is more t
  23. The seeds for the Return were planted by Ishamael during Hawkwing's lifetime. (See Rand's conversation with Ba'alzamon in TEoTW ch 14. Ishy told several lies in that conversation, but the stuff about the Seanchan seems to be true). After the rest of the Forsaken were released, Semirhage basically took charge of the Seanchan Empire and the Return. Between her position as Anath Dorje, and the fact that Suroth is a Darkfriend, Demandred's presence somewhere in the Seanchan hierarchy would be redundant, at best. Anything Demandred would have wanted done in Seanchan, he could have done thr
  24. All indications point to Demandred as being a Seachan lord somewhere in Tanachio. Couple reasons: 1) He always work with Semihirage and Semihirage was last seen as Tuon's truthspeaker before she was captured by Rand, 2)Sammael's allusions to Demandred to Graendal when he was referring to Demandred's proxies in the south. 3)Demandred's ego and strong desire to be in charge of a major power and Seachan is the biggest power out there. What do you think?
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