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  1. yeah after Sanderson took over, Tuon took a turn for the worse. I cannot stand her and I wish that she get smacked down big. I cannot believe that Brandon Sanderson would allow the Seanchan to get away after dissing Rand and the White Tower. The Seachan did not suffer any repercussions. I want Seanchan to pay dearly, and I mean, dearly for the actions they have taken.
  2. I always liked Elayne. Who I could not stand was Tuon and Egwene. Tuon is so f***ing arrogant that she needs to be taken down several pegs, I mean several and I am getting annoyed with Mat now. I always liked Mat but his constant deferments to Tuon and unwillingness to stick up for Min after she was manhandled by Deathwatch especially knowing that Min was Rand's girlfriend was sickening and so hypocritical of him.
  3. Edarra on page 319 that "the Seanchan have chained the Wise Ones. Not just the Shaido, who deserve their fate." I cannot recall any event or scenario where Rand's Aiel would have tangle with the Seanchan. The only Aiel that the Seanchan encountered are the Shaido Aiel. So am I correct in surmising that Edarra meant the Shaido Wise Ones only that have been chained?
  4. What he said, ditto. I find some posters's defenses of Seachan to be very something sort of an "apologist" like in the same way some people would gloss over the crimes and atrocities that invaders and conquerors and colonizers did in our real world.
  5. How is Jain Farstrider a DF? Why would Malkieri consider him a DF? After all, Olver said Jain Farstrider was one of the greatest heroes ever lived and he exposed Cowin Fairheart's treachery and betrayal of Malkier to the Shadow.
  6. I also have an issue with the numbers that RJ throws at, include Brandon Sanderson. But remember this is fantasy, so eh. Anyway back to the point, RJ and BS did touch on the logistics stuff like when Perrin went to So Harbor and when Mat refused to give horses to Joline and there were comments how hard it was to get horses and supplies and stuff. There were also lines and comments about starving refugees and people dying of famine and hunger. So RJ and BS hasn't forgotten about these issues.
  7. Actually, at the gap, the best strategy is to do what the 300 Spartans did against the Persian army. Defend a narrow stretch of dirt and funnel the Trollocs through and killing them, delaying the Trolloc army and forcing them to waste supplies.
  8. What was the Halls of Mourning that Mat walked through? Was it the Tower of Ghenjei?
  9. Can we have a thread about the Seanchan? I want to talk about Tuon's viewpoint and discuss how her thoughts in ToM is totally incompatible with other Seanchan viewpoints in previous novels. For instance, the Seanchan army was shocked to hear that Suroth planned assassination of Tuon and how the Seanchan people are very devoted to the long life of an Empress and yet in this ToM, Tuon says such thoughts of assassinating the Empress are normal and in fact encouraged. What gives?
  10. I especially enjoyed the scene where Elayne was watching the demonstration of the dragons and she saw Mat covering his ears and scowling and she grinned at that. Brought a smile to my face.
  11. I don't get the anger towards Elayne based on her actions. In fact, I blame it on BS and RJ for rehashing the same formula over and over. It gets too repetitive. I like Elayne and the way she thinks in terms of political and social settings. She is gonna be an awesome Queen.
  12. that will do much harm then good I think but I would damn like it Ditto. She needs a good old style smackdown that would deeply lower her eyes for years so much that even as an empress, whenever she sees Rand or a female channeler, she would lower her eyes and thus, as the embodiment of the Empire, the Empire would lower its eyes for a long time.
  13. Doesn't anyone think that Perrin made a monumental mistake in allowing the Seanchan to chain the Shaido Wise Ones, especially in the light of Aviendha's revelations? It would further allow the Seanchan to learn more about Aiel ways and use those lessons against the Aiel? It was just a short sighted move. Yeah it allowed Perrin to get the Shaido Wise Ones off their back but he could have contacted other clans' Wise Ones and use them to capture the Shaido Wise Ones instead of using the Seanchan suldams. I strongly pray and sincerely hope that the Seanchan gets a huge smackdown and the
  14. Noa the Aiel didn't blew it. They gave Seanchan every chance to return back Aiel slaves. They even offered peace offerings and gold to purchase those Aiel slaves. What did the Sesnchan do? They parade the Aiel slaves around them as to mock the Aiel and pokIng the eyes, creating blood feuds many times over. It was on the order of several magnitude worse than Laman's Sin. As I'm concerned the Aiel were in the right to fight against the Seanchan.
  15. He is not. He still has that darkness thing in his brain (shown to us when Nyneave delved into his brain). Until that darkness thing goes, he is still insane. For some reason, the Pattern has given him something to battle that darkness in his brain, that pulsating light. It seems to me that the Creator had, indirectly, intervened in the Pattern by giving him some protection against the darkness thing.
  16. All I know is that I want some cosmic smackdown applied to Seanchan and Tuon, especially her. How dare she think that everybody must bow to the Empress? I sincerely hope that Tuon and her cronies get booted out of Randland with their tails between them and never to come out of that Light-Forsaken land ever again. I was so crushed to see the Aiel fall before the Seanchan. Aiel are much definitely better warriors than the Seanchans. I cannot help but feel that RJ has made the plight of Aiel similar to the plight of Native Americans. It seemed as RJ was saying to the Aiel that Aiel must
  17. Perrin has redeemed himself. He has no further doubt about himself. He has accepted his role in the Last Battle. He is AWESOME!!!! Like he was in TSR.
  18. Um, no? We've known he was a Darkfriend since KOD at the absolute latest, and some think that Egwene's dream is evidence that he is not a new Forsaken. I think it makes little difference whether he's been given that title or not. He is favored over some of the Forsaken who have been punished, sure, but he still answers to Nae'blis like everyone else. Remind me Egwene's dream again. I forgot the reference.
  19. /agree. The letter, though. It started out so boring and escalated as quickly as the news team fight in The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Don't get Verin's logic though - Verin has generally been very logical. Why insist Mat couldn't open it etc.? Why not just say "Wait x days for me in Camelyn, and if I'm not back, open her up and use your judgement on what to do with the info there." It's not like she's asking Mat to do something particularly difficult - just pass on a message. This way she risked exactly what did apparently happen: The Waygate wasn't guarded. I suspect that it
  20. When Nakomi made her appearance and after witnessing Aviendha's timetrip, I suspected that she was a DF such as Lanfear or something. But some of the posts here made think otherwise. It could be Verin. What an very interesting scene.
  21. Yes it was!!!! and it pained my heart so much to see the Aiel destroyed if only as a cautionary tale that I simply hate the Seanchan now. I utterly despise them to the core. Rand should have wiped out Ebou Dar with Tuon, Mat's feelings be damned. I hope Rand will give Seanchan the humbling they so richly deserved and assign them into oblivion in history. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Seanchan Empire is the creation or the works of Ishamael.
  22. Err.... the Vicksburg campaign shows how great of a tactician Grant was. Lee didn't have smooth relations with the Davis administration. There were accounts where Lee would disregard Davis's orders or requests such as the request to send troops from the ANV to bolster the defenses in the West and to coordinate the strategy of the Confederate against the Union but Lee refused to let go of his troops, if he did, it was too little and/or too late.
  23. Cut Strand, you sound like an apologist for the slavery that existed before the Civil War. Slavery in any form is unacceptable because you are enjoying the fruits of hard labor without his/her consent and without paying fair market value for that fruit of labor. It is a very destructive form of economic system. Slavery in any form is a crime.
  24. Robert E. Lee was not a great general. That was just a Lost Cause myth. Ulysess Grant was a far better general than Robert Lee. Napoleon got his ass handed to him by Wellington and didn't learn from his mistakes in the early war in which he lost. Hannibal was a great general but got beaten by Scipio who learned from Hannibal and used Hannibal's tactics and adjusted for it and defeated him at the Battle of Zama. If anything to go by, Scipio should be on the list not Hannibal.
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