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  1. I'd appreciate any answers or help, there's a book club sale on and i'd like to get them now. Is the quality of the publishers hardcover vastly superior in quality, or only a tiny bit?
  2. Ya but, book club edition's also have cheaper/lighter/weaker paper, binding, DJ, and overall build quality. Do the normal WoT books use a sewn or glued binding? And is half the price worth the downgrade in quality?
  3. No spoilers please, still on the first book. I was wondering, how is the quality of the WoT hardcover BCE compared to the publishers? The reason i ask is because All WoT Hardcovers = $260 All WoT Hardcovers BCE = $140 Thanks in advance
  4. I think so as well. the problem seems to be older books, which the publishers don't have access to the electronic form and must scan in the book manually and OCR it. They usually don't hire a proof reader for ebooks. That's the biggest problem. They're already worried enough about ebooks cutting into their beloved hardcover sales, the more reasons for a person not to buy an ebook and instead buy the hardcover makes the publisher happier... unfortunately. They'll get around to it eventually. The digital age is here, and it's inevitable that this happens, so they will eventually change their att
  5. So, to much annoyance, i've run across a lot of books that i'd like to read but won't because of all the reviews they've gotten on Amazon concerning their quality on Kindle. Typos, errors, bad formatting, missing sentences to whole paragraphs. So, i've also read that some of the later Wheel of Time books on Kindle might suffer from one of these issues. My question is, how are the WoT books on Kindle? Are they filled with typos and bad formatting, or are they error free? Thanks in advance.
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