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  1. Yeah, I thought Bryne would end up being the only one not affected because of the warding, but then they never mentioned it. The most glaring error for me was: "Birgitte reached beneath her shirt and removed the foxhead medallion she wore, one of the three imperfect copies Elayne had made. Mat had the original and a copy. Mellar had escaped with the other copy." (p. 230) Elayne made three foxhead copies originally, one of which Mellar has and two that Mat intended to give to Olver and Tuon. But Elayne later made two more copies in the shape of a rose; the one she gave to Birgitte and one f
  2. It makes her come off has hypocritical when she keeps berating Rand about not having manners all the while having none herself. If her special skill is being completely infuriating, then yes she's fantastic at it. Was it worth it? She very nearly broke him. Were her methods actually good or was she just lucky that Rand was able to pull himself back? Who can say? The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.
  3. Elaida ordered a huge ass palace be built for herself. I think that says it all. She basically had no characteristic besides arrogance, unless you count being an idiot, but that's a symptom everyone shares at some point.
  4. I hated what she did in the Ways. One of the things that truly angered me. The actual Two Rivers stuff I was okay with, up until they got married. Everything after that I couldn't stand. The worst thing about Faile is what she did to Perrin's character. The next 10 books were whining about how he couldn't understand her and then brooding when she was captured. Whine, whine, whine, angst, angst, angst.
  5. One of my favorite scenes of the series is when Elayne tries to unravel a gateway to make sure the Seanchan don't discover Traveling. She sends everyone else away, but Aviendha and Birgette stay with her knowing how dangerous it was. They barely make it out alive while taking out hundreds of Seanchan (even if accidentally). At the end Elayne thinks: "She hoped she could be a queen to make her mother proud, but it was clear that she would never make a hero." I beg to differ.
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