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  1. I thought the apples was because he knew how to sing to plants(treesinging) and did it in the seanchan garden in AMOL
  2. I would say that she is mora the wise one of the colrada hold who was talked about in book 6 lord of chaos. She fits the bill in my opinion. I am not sure if this was mentioned before.
  3. Tams sword was given to him by the king of illian "Tam's Sword: Given to him by the King of Illian." (signing attendee: Erica Sadun, erica@cc.gatech.edu)
  4. I assumed Rand took the DO as Gai'shain instead of killing him. Gaining more Ji than if he killed him. I don't think the DO is kind enough to win and let Rand off so easily ;) I was kind of sad to not see any shocklances or other ter'angreal that were introduced in earlier books. I suppose they were more for world building anyway. I did like the duels and tuon/min scenes where she becomes a truthspeaker, made me smile :)
  5. which year/number of books on the back? got a pic as well? I remember a thread with some people discussing misprints of TFoH and a few other books as well
  6. a bit hard to write the final book without the real dragon reborn
  7. It's so hard to choose! Sometimes I only follow a few characters in a book in my re-reads and skip past the characters I don't like
  8. Could Lanfear have compelled Mat when she met him in the tower in TDR? Chapter 20, Visitations page 227 in the paperback that has book 1-10 listed. I've always wondered what she did to him on that day. EDIT: Thank you Luckers
  9. They may produce higher quality hardcovers bound in leather as a collectors item but they would be pricey. Used book stores, garage sales and craigslist are good places to scout if you aren't in hurry and want a cheap set. I like the hardcovers a lot more than paperbacks because of the larger font, well worth the money if you re-read the series often :)
  10. sometimes I like to read them by arcs, like in TDR read perrins in one go and mats arc in one go and read the random characters in between. It's more of a way to skim the book and pick up on clues and other random tidbits. Not everyone likes to read it like that and I do end up skipping a lot of the early supergirl parts in favour of mats/rand/forsaken/cool scenes.
  11. There are lots of shadowspawn we haven't seen or even heard of yet, especially the high passes and creatures of the greater blight.It's not far-fetched to believe that some new things will emerge from AMoL
  12. I think he didn't know it could be removed and only learns of it later on. There's also the whole pattern making Alanna bond him so he could be found later on.
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