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  1. Wheel of Time TV show pilot?

    REE are da'tsang! But they at least appear to have dropped their current lawsuit against Harriet:
  2. Any News on REE?
  3. Wheel of Time TV show pilot?

    It was so bad....
  4. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    @Suttree - That's a very good explanation. And thanks for reminding me about the dark aura too. Though that also supports the point jack of shadows made about darkfriends having trouble looking at post-epiphany Rand. I think that comes from his unique "one with the land" role (connected to both the dark aura occasionally seen by the good guys in TGS and the bright light occasionally seen by the bad guys in ToM). In other words, not just a trick he does with AoL knowledge.
  5. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    lol...JoS, stop being a bad influence. About post-epiphany Rand, he was definitely different. Suttree, look carefully at what BWS said in the quote you provided: "then you were supposed to learn that half of it was just tricks he was pulling, from knowing stuff in the Age of Legends." Notice that "half of it" were tricks, not all. Remember what Nynaeve saw in Rand's brain when she tried to heal his madness. That's definitely something new. Though I do agree with you about Lan surviving on his own. I don't think Rand altered anything in the real world during his battle with the DO.
  6. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    @Jack of Shadows - I was reviewing my old posts on p.33 of this thread and I just found your comment at the bottom: Thanks for approaching my replies with an open mind. To be fair, the argument about the cyclic nature making the DO's victory inevitable was Ishamael's, and that is what motivated him to join the Shadow. As an AoL philosopher, I see how his conclusions (and subsequent actions) earned him the title "Betrayer of Hope." Perhaps that conclusion is mistaken, and there really is no chance of ultimate victory for the DO. There's still something I find unsatisfying about that endless cyclic repetition, but I guess that's just the world RJ intended. By the way, this is from an interview I recently found in Theoryland's database: I kind of wish I found this earlier, so that I could have adjusted my expectations accordingly. Even though the ending wasn't all I hoped for, I still enjoyed it overall. That is the story RJ wanted to tell, and I appreciate that he shared it with us. However, let me be clear that I am not talking about being happy with that nonsense about the absolute necessity of the DO. I was relieved to hear that the "dueling possibilities" (specifically the one where everybody becomes vapid and friffy without the DO) were not from RJ's notes, athough I would be right there with jjp calling out the bad philosophy and textual inconsistencies even if they were. I have a lot of homework to do, and really shouldn't be spending all this time online, but maybe later I'll find the time to give jjp some backup on this.
  7. This argument reminds me of the theological debate about the concept of free will being incompatible with the concept of an omniscient Creator. Suppose that you accept the free will hypothesis. There are two different cereal boxes in front of you, and you are able to use your free will to choose what you have for breakfast today. Now think back to what you ate for breakfast yesterday. Can you change yesterday's decision? No. Does that disprove free will? No. Similarly, something outside of time (or, in the case of the 'finns, somehow able to see outside the confines of time) is not incompatible with the free will hypothesis. You can imagine an entire universes timeline playing out with creatures having free agency. At the same time, something outside of that timeline can see the entire history of that universe (from say a Big Bang type beginning to however things turn out at the end) as if everybody's decisions were made and fixed like yesterday's breakfast. Apart from this WoT-universe discussion, I do believe in the possibility of free will. But I also think that we are largely influenced by circumstance (upbringing, past experiences, hormones and chemicals in our brain, and various other mental limitations), so the actual expression of free would only manifest itself in very subtle ways.
  8. "The DO doesn't ever really do anything"?? Didn't he put on some myrddraal skin and rape a few people? (Yes, I'm talking about Shaidar Haran.)
  9. and the random people min saw who got married? They couldn't even choose who they loved. Talk about free will Min also has conditional visions, so all your statement points out is that some things (not all) are forced by the pattern. Also, you say "they couldn't even choose who they loved." Can we choose who we love? If you could teach me how, that could save me a lot of heartache.
  10. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    How exactly is this different from the world we exist in? Just because there are nations around the world where children die of hunger every few minutes doesn't stop you and me doing the few good deeds we are capable of. My first suggestion is to read my post more carefully, but perhaps you could also use a little more context for the discussion. An argument was being made for the DO's continued connection to the pattern being thematically necessary. BenevelentCow (I love that name, by the way) was presenting the idea of good and evil being "balanced" by the pattern, pointing to the ta'veren effect causing both good and bad things to happen. Now, I always took that particular ta'veren effect to be just a distortion of chance (a flattening out of probability curves, if you will). That would result in unlikely chance events being much more likely, which would include things that are "good" (a child falls off a building and survives with only minor injuries), "bad" (a man stumbles over a pebble and breaks his neck), and "neutral" (two women unable to pass each other in a street because they keep turning to the same direction at the same time). On the other hand, let's assume it is good and evil that must be "balanced" by the pattern. That may sound nice at first, especially since we are reading about a time where evil is dominant, so it leads to a lot of fortunate accidences occurring to help our heroes. But upon closer inspection, it seems to imply there is a fixed good to evil ratio that must be maintained. What happens if through collective hard work and self-sacrifice, ingenuity, overcoming of prejudices, and other noble achievements lead humanity to an age of prosperity greater than the fixed amount designated for that period on the Wheel. Does that mean the pattern begins to weave an abundance of bad things to reestablish its "balance?" Here's where the problem of ethics comes into play. In that scenario, the pattern does the "balancing," so what is the motivation for an individual to make moral choices? If there is an abundance of good in the world, the pattern will work to make things worse, and any good deeds I do will result in the pattern working harder to bring things back to "balance." Similarly, if there is an abundance of evil, why struggle against it when we have the pattern to do our good works for us? So, in response to randalthorr's comment, that scenario is (I believe) very different from the world we live in. There is no cosmic force insisting on a particular ratio of good and evil, so please do keep up the valiant fight to reduce worldsuck (to borrow a term from nerdfightoria). I'm right there with you on that. By the way, I kept using quotation marks around the word "balance" above because I don't think it makes sense with respect to good and evil. I always took the theme of balance in the WoT to be very Taoist (especially with the prevalent use of what is basically the taijitu symbol). In Taoism, the contrasting/complementary concepts of yin and yang are very nicely represented in the descriptions of Saidin and Saidar. The yin-yang dynamic is active vs passive, hard vs soft, firm vs yielding, and so on, but NOT good vs evil. This is all somewhat related to the ongoing debate on this site about the necessity of the DO, which is a discussion I've been trying to avoid. Though, perhaps it's time for me to rejoin the fray.
  11. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    From the Raleigh signing: So Brandon specifically said "the dueling of possibilities" was his, and they "weren't following anything specific Jim had said." [*Edited for punctuation typo]
  12. List of Characters' Fates

    @Guest_Nar Shadda Han_* - At a signing BS has confirmed the "something odd" about Aviendha's babies is their ability to channel from birth.
  13. Rand's Arc (Full Spoilers)

    @randalthorr - On your five questions: 1. RJ himself said that Oliver is too old to be Gaidal Cain reborn. As for Birgitte being one of Elayne's twins, it is possible, though I lean heavily toward Elayne's twins being Shivan and Calian. The following is from TGH after Mat blosw the Horn of Valere: "...and Shivan the Hunter behind his black mask. He was said to herald the end of Ages, the destruction of what had been and the birth of what was to be, he and his sister Calian, called the Chooser, who rode red-masked at his side." Twins (brother and sister) born at the end of the 3rd Age and start of the 4th age...the timing is just right. The Wise One Melaine is giving birth to twin girls, so perhaps Birgitte will be one of hers. I like the idea of Birgitte being born Aiel, as things never work out well for her when she carries a sword.... 2. I don't remember, and my book is currently packed away in storage. 3. People are not supposed to have memories from past lives at all. The taint is what originally facilitated that for Rand. 4. There's an interesting theory about that floating around. I recently summed it up for someone in a different forum, and I will cut&paste that here: 5. I can't think of any. @jack of shadows - About new magic Rand granting some degree of longevity to Min...Interesting. I haven't considered that possibility. I think I like it. @mbuehner - "a deus ex machina coming and doing nothing." lol...that cracks me up!
  14. From the Seattle Q&A (thanks WetlanderNW)... -(
  15. List of Characters' Fates

    Leopoled, the following is a twitter converson where BS answers that question: Their new rold as a peacekeeping force in the Dragon's Peace is the remnant that is saved. If Avi's vision came true, their complete loss of purpose and honor would be a complete destruction of what it is to be Aiel ("dedicated").