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  1. | Think Egwene rocked the Amyrlins Stole XD
  2. It is so sad that the eagle was gold but now is...blood-red..
  3. I think there are Nynaeve, Lan, Fayle, Perrin...Mat and Tuon ( I am not sure)
  4. Nynaeve Mandragoran

    That is beautiful and incredible! I don't no how you do it but it is cool too! XD
  5. Very good..they are sweet!
  6. oh..Berelayn..I hate her in he book but this picture is incredible !
  7. Nynaeve is incredible! Lan too..XD
  8. Hi! I am new here...and I love The wheel of time. My favorite character is Nynaeve...she is smart, brave and hard. I can't wair to the 8th of January. I am born on the 9th. I am from Bulgaria and I must wait 5 months to the 14th book to be in bulgarian. That is so stupid !
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