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  1. That's what I always assumed too. She kind of unintentionally pushed him to reach those conclusions in VoG.
  2. LTT dies = LTT in T'a'r LTT is then reborn as Rand Rand dies = Rand in T'a'r Rand in then reborn as Biff Jenkins (hopefully a better name though) At least thats how I imagine it O_o
  3. Wow. I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree with this. Fish I agree with Fish.. When I read a battle scene from RJ I am able to picture the entire battlefield. He describes the cavalry and footman formations in detail, down to how the pikemen set up defensive perimeters. He was able to keep the suspense going in times of large scale battle, even throwing in some sweet POV action. RJ was capable of conveying a characters emotions and internal dialogue in a realistic manner as well. Fighting scenes... all the earlier book brawls I can think of were fantastic. Stone of Tear, Dumai's Wells, chasing Couladin through Cairhien, Perrin fighting alongside wolves, Rand cutting chumps down, even Thom and Julian are fun to read... not to mention any fight involving Mat lol But I did enjoy the Maradon scenes and reading Ituralde staying alive and keeping his men going. I'm pretty sure that was Brandon.
  4. I think you're onto something with this Mountain of Mist... reminds me of something I read looking through that old Cadsuane's chastity belt ter'angreal theory.
  5. Too much wiener waving going on. Sure, there is a chunk of content that some people didn't particularly care for in RJ's books. But really, who is going to love every scene/ paragraph in a series this long? I cant think of one writer whose entire works I would defend against criticism. But to say that Brandon writes Rj's characters and story better than he did, imo, is kinda silly. You may like Brandon's sweet magical pizazz and actiony goodness more than RJ's attention to detail and sexy foreshadowing, but my brain turns to dookie reading through some of these threads. I don't dislike what BS has done for the series. He took on the job of finishing 20 years of another writers work, and did as well as could be expected. Some content post-TGS (TGS was fantastic) does have a different and somewhat sloppy feel to it, but i still enjoyed reading the books. Why you ask? Because I dig tWoT and I keep it mad real. Ya'll peeps just need to relax and enjoy. "You cannot please everyone. You cannot soothe everyone." Moiraine Damodred to Rand al'Thor
  6. At first I thought it may have been Asmodean in disguise as a gleeman, but I don't think Thom ever met Natael. It might relate to Oweyn being able to channel the OP and the White Tower gentling him, but I have no idea brodude. I am curious to know now though lol
  7. I'm afraid I can't agree with any of this. Where have we seen the things about birgitte? Pretty sure she is still a hero. I though that when Moggy ripped her from T'a'r it broke her ties to Gaidal and the Horn. That was how she would make Birgitte "weep for eternity." I could be wrong though since its more speculation than surety lol
  8. Blood and ashes! Half of what I just read (mostly the dialogue) made me feel like a multilegged nachi trapped in a dried-up tidal pool, waiting desperately for the water to return while watching a group of children work their way down the beach with buckets, gathering anything that looked tasty... Though I am still excited as heck to read the final installment of one of the few fantasy series I have ever cared to complete Hopefully Tor keeps the excerpts coming, even if it only makes me more impatient (and sometimes disappointed) :p
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