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  1. We keep thinking Callandor was made to boost Saidin, but maybe it was made to boost a male channelers power regardless of what power he was yielding. It's something a scientist would think up without realising the dangerous repercussions.
  2. Doesn't anyone else think this has something to do with his brown cloak he started wearing in ToM when he came down off dragonmount. Theres something up with that. If that isn't some kind of ter'angreal then I'll eat AMOL after I finish it.
  3. I have a copy of CoS and CoT that are the same size and exactly the same way I think they just made different issues different sizes.
  4. Yeah my copy of TFoH has a big misprint in it. I'm missing a page if I remember correctly, one chapter starts with the same first page as another chapter and the page that is supposed to be there isn't in the book. The map wouldn't bother me that much.
  5. No, no, no people start slowing after they reach a certain age and they've been using the power. The novices don't start slowing right away it usually starts after 18, atleast that was my take on it.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if she bonded Talmanes but I doubt it. I think it would be rape as the man would be sentenced to madness and death if anything happens to Elayne. Did anyone else think of that horrible side effect. He feels everything she feels, pain, joy, sex, fear. That would be terrible, lets face it fellas who wants to know every urge and thought and desire of a woman they don't even really know.
  7. I didn't have a problem with Mat trying to avoid everybody that might know him as it was pretty clear he wanted to avoid notice upon entering the city. Everyone knows he isn't excited about being a Seanchan noble so not diving right in fits for me. Also, finding out the feel in the city and how the people feel about his wife is something I can see Mat doing. I just don't like how Brandon goes over the top with Mat making up background stories that are ludicrous, Brandon gives Mat way too high an opinion of himself for someone who spent so much time worrying about people realizing he's just a farmer with random memories stuffed into his head. Besides, who knows when he'll be able to have a drink in a tavern and go dicing again.
  8. Mat's Luck is a side effect of his time spent carrying the dagger so wouldn't it be connected to the same power that Fain is using. Just a thought.
  9. Could you clarify Mat's Stockholm Syndrome for me?
  10. I imagine Mat will be in charge of the armies but as Prince of the Ravens is anyone else interested if he'll have to shave his head. I hope he has to shave it so far up both sides it looks like a mohawk.
  11. Has anyone discussed what Setalle Anan's role might be in the next book or if she will have one. The burned out Aes Sedai is still in the Caemlyn area as far as I know. I like the idea of a burned out Aes Sedai coming back and reeking havoc but I feel like she might get skipped over in the last book.
  12. Egwene will claim Cad's ter'angreal as the Amyrlin Seat because she's a stickler and all ter'angreals and such belong to the tower. Then Elayne will study them, copy them, and hand them out much to Egwene's dismay.
  13. Mat believes the Amyrlin will know where it is. I don't think the White Tower would have let the horn go. They had a watch on it when Fain reclaimed the dagger so I doubt it went unnoticed by Elaida that something special must be held there. The only issue might be if Elaida tells the Seanchan about it and they attack the tower again to retrieve it. We know that they believe the horn sounder must be bound to the crystal throne so to what ends would they go to if they don't realize Mat is the one who blew it and he's going to get it.
  14. I think they have a part to play but it would be a side note after the major conflicts. I'd like to be wrong though because I've always liked the Tinkers, something about bright flashy colored objects. Hmmm maybe that's the adhd talking.
  15. Rand must face Fain though, I would be sorely let down if Fain never faces Rand after all this time and our mighty and over written Lord Perrin Goldeneyes gets to do it. It would ruin the books for me if Perrin ends up being the man that takes down Slayer and Padan Fain and then becomes a king.
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