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  1. moorraaiiinneee :D that makes me so happy to see her and rand in the same scene....will be so beautiful to see them reunite!
  2. the other statue.....a male one and female one....
  3. im convinced that Roedran is Demandred. it has to be! 1000 bloody andoran marks on that! Egwene sends an offer to King Roedran to bring him and his army to the Field of Merrilor but he does not respond. (ToM,Ch56) WH,Ch9 - Halwin Norry reports to Elayne that King Roedran is building an army in Lugard. Elayne already knows this from Egwene. WH,Ch32 - While Rand listens in The Golden Wheel, a Far Madding trader tries to convince Master Azereos that Roedran building his army has Murandy too unsettled for him to move his trade to Lugard. CoT,Ch14 � Reene Harfor identifies a spy in the
  4. i agree, ok so the literary aspect is slightly off. honestly i cant even notice that when im having chills reading this. i can actuallty FEEL the last battle approaching. i dont want any "this guy is a dark friend" and big revealing points in the prolouge. the way he opened it up is perfect! a slow and somber journey to the Last Battle, spontaneous and out of no where. "it has nothing to do with you" agh! i love how this sense of duty to fight the last battle is overcoming everyone, including me! i was in the process of grabbing my samurai sword off the wall to fight off some trollocs hahaha
  5. definently just made this my background....nice job
  6. i love your style! focusing on symbols of the character and not their physical features.....and Mats totes my favorite character too ;)
  7. There should be a pinned topic in each social group, and in welcoming Inn in RP side, that tell what the group is about and other stuff. Seems like Dice already cleared the Band's themes, but what are those other social groups you'd like to know about? We could help :) Dice: whats the black tower and wolk kin about? also the Red Hand sounder pretty coooool. so the Red hand converses about military history and music? Ledinna: what societies are you in? and whats up with those ones?
  8. Didn't beidomon Balefire himself in an attempt to reverse what he had done? I heard that somewhere but can't remember but discussion board
  9. How dare you voice your opinion!!!! I mean really?.....hahah naaaaa good input man, you have a very goOd understanding of the series. I like the input, primarily on the explanation of the patterns parameters. I not exactly are of the creator is as much of prominent force as you described. But this coupled with dioane's discussion of the forces of chaos and Order give a great background for other Theories on the DO. New question: what are all of you expecting when the seals are destroyed? If we go with a more humanly perspective on the DO, then will something physical pour out of Shayol
  10. The answer to whether or not the DO ordered the stop to balefire would say a lot about him, I think. But since the Shadow stopped using it, and the DO is supreme among them, I think it was his wish to do so. I agree that he needs his followers to help him escape the prison, but not that he intends to destroy the pattern after doing so. This is because of the Bore. Drilling through the Pattern to release the DO suggests that the Pattern itself is containing him in some way. Would he be released if this world's pattern was destroyed? Balefire is a threat to the Pattern, and it seems like a viabl
  11. i actually am curious about the social groups and the roleplay forums. i took a gander at the Band of the Red Hand and other social groups, but i dont really get what exactly they do?
  12. However much i am LOVING all of these comedic comment (expecially the peaches, peaches should belong to all!) but here is a question i think will set off some good discussion. This is coming off of Silvaire's general theme comment: At the end of the series will the DO be kept a more unknown force of power, neverunderstood? or will the DO be given more human qualities and given parameters for his motives and all the other things we have discussed? Im curious as to how you all think Jordan/Sanderson will take this idea at the end, shed some light on the DO or keep him that strange and aweso
  13. That is a great point, the DO seems to be planning things out too much. If it was just to ensue as much chaos as possible he would be just creating as much damage as possible everywhere. Not planning out something more complicated than a stones game between Rodel and Gareth. It all seems to be leadIng to something, chaos being the means to an end. Just like his trying to get rand to destroy the world seems to be part of a plan, but it might just be satisfying for the DO to see his enemy destroy the world. But it all seems much to convenient....ugh a vicious circle, damn you philosophy!
  14. I never took that statement to mean that Shadow stopped using Balefire because the DO told them too, I took it as they feared what would happen. Moridin already said what the DO wants, nothingness. (I can't remember the exact quote, but didn't he say the other forsaken were wrong, there will be nothing to rule over because the DO wanted the blessed peace of oblivion?) The DO is Chaos. Plain and simple. He sets the forsaken against one another, because he can cause more chaos while making them cause chaos. You can't think of it in your terms, of what makes sense and what doesn't. Just think
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