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  1. I thought it was mentioned somewhere in the books that every AS can sense shadowspawn though I can't remember where. I'm halfway through my re-read now so maybe I'll find out soon :) But maybe you're right and it's a Talent! But in that case it would be weird that Moiraine (or another AS) never said or thought that. @Vicious Circle I believe it was stated somewhere that only the warders get the "sense" of shadowspawn from the bond, as well as their increased strenght and such.
  2. Doesn't the sensitivity for shadowspawn grow on you in time when you work more and more with the OP? I'm not 100% sure but when Egwene and co travel with Moiraine they don't feel any shadowspawn when Moiraine does (or seems to feel) while Egwene already touched the OP and Nynaeve did for sure (but maybe she can't feel shadowspawn because of her block).
  3. You could also say that because of logic they don't want any warders. If your warder dies, you are incapable for months, maybe longer, and what does a warder have to offer them? White Ajah dedicate their lives to logic and not, for example, to protect the Borderlands. And maybe I'm wrong but I don't think many White Ajah would leave the White Tower so they don't have to fight off any Whitcloaks. And what has a warder to offer to an Aes Sedai that doesn't fight? The Aes Sedai could take a warder to discuss with him, or let him write down their theories or something like that, but other than tha
  4. Isn't it mentioned somewhere that you don't have to be a hero of the horn to be reborn? I thought I read somewhere that Mat and Perrin are reborn every now and then though they aren't heroes of the horn. Besides, I thought too that the Dragon isn't a hero of the horn, though he obviously gets reborn every few ages. I may be mistaken though :)
  5. As this is the general forum, I will post my answer under a spoiler because I don't know in which book it appears (though I dont know if it's really worth a spoiler ;-) ) :) Sorry if this isn't understandable, im a foreign english speaker :)
  6. This is what I meant with my question about being dragon but not ta'veren yet. However, it's not the only conclusion IMO, but it is (at least for me) the most logical conclusion. If he weren't ta'veren but the Pattern made Tam go to Dragonmount to find Rand, wouldn't that make Rand ta'veren (because the Pattern bends around him, so to speak. Maybe im saying this wrong but I'm not an English speaker)? That's a good point, Suttree. But what about the Nym? They don't channel, yet they control the weaves when Seed Singing. Perhaps Myrddraal are the same? They don't actually reach for
  7. I almost cried when I read this... I'm so sorry for you, and at the same time I feel so blessed that I can read (and finish) this series with my mom! She is not so addicted as me (and by far not as addicted as you and your dad once were) but that doesn't matter to me, I can at least talk with her about the ending. For us, and many with us, we got this wonderful website/forum and all these people to theorize with! It's not the same as with parents, or real friends, but at least we have something ;) I hope your children will love the books as much as you do, so you can fantasize and theorize
  8. But how is it possible that if Rand weren't a ta'veren from birth, the Aes Sedai from New Spring (Gitara?) had the fortelling of the Dragon been born? Or isn't the Dragon ta'veren from nature and only becomes ta'veren when he doesn't do what the Pattern needs him to do? Or can you be born ta'veren but only "become" ta'veren when you're of appropriate age? I don't know if these questions can be answered, but this weeks' WoT if? defenitly raises more questions than answers :) Good job Masiara! :) And I really like your theory about the raven been controlled by a Myrddraal with the TP! Th
  9. I too have to agree with you at the Seanchan lose the least troops. I think the White Tower suffered most (though the Borderlanders lost a lot too in their two battles) as they were constant at the battle, to the point of not being able to channel anymore. Mat should have put all the damane at the front with the White Tower, I bet they would've destroyed all Sharan channelers (and after that their army) quite easy! ;) I don't think Aviendha's vision will come true. Not fully, at least. I think the ter'angreal at Rhuidean shows a possible future, or maybe the most likely future at t
  10. Sorry, didn't really think about copyrights *shame on me* Won't happen again! :)
  11. I really like the idea of Tam being a Hero of the Horn (He certainly deserves it), but this theory is almost alone based on Egwene at age 9 thinking he was telling the story like he was there. But how reliable are the thoughts of a 9 year old child? Even though it is written by the Master of foreshadowing, RJ? One thing occured to me though, while reading Ravens; why does the DO send a lot of ravens to Two Rivers and waits then 6 years or something before he sends a DF there to check? That is something I would like to know :)
  12. I loved it! It's a shame that the cape of the Myrddraal moved in the wind, ( ;-) ) but I love the way he looks. Like a human, but at the same time not human-like. Something I liked: I never thought they would be able to do the channeling believable (at least for the readers) but I really like how they did it and it is close to what I thought it would be! Please complete the series! :)
  13. I know we won't ever have a conclusive answer for this, but when I read the story of Manetheren again after finishing book 14, the first thing I thought was "Egwene". I just wonder how many of you saw these similarities too :) And @James Tham I hope I'm wrong :( That would be really sad... (Although Rhand saw other lives with Egwene while stuck at the Portal Stone in book 2. But then again, that assumes she is not Eldrene reborn assuming the lives he saw could come true if he had made other decisions)
  14. I dont know if this has been discussed before, but could it be Egwene is Eldrene reborn? This struck to me when reading EotW again. The similairities between Eldrene and Egwene are enourmous - both died from drawing too much of the One Power when they felt their husband/warder die. Both made sure the shadowspawn did as well before/during their death. She also 'almost' understood the Old Tongue and just knew some things she could do with the One Power (like 'hanging' her lightbulb on the wall). And then there's also their names. So what's your thought on this?
  15. Maybe this is the wrong topic to ask this question, but I'll ask it anyway: I am from the Netherlands and I want to buy the series. I'd like to buy the Orbit books, written in English and with hardcover. But I can't seem to find them anywhere with hardcover, only the Tor books seem to come with hardcover. Didn't I search hard enough or are the Orbit books only published in paperback? In the Netherlands I found the books (translated to Dutch), with hardcover and with the Orbit covers. That's why I thought they had to be in English with hardcover too.
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