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  1. This is amazing :] This made my day! Laughed so hard at Mat on the velociraptor!!!!
  2. I have read all the books once, and I've reread books 1-4 twice. I've also reread ToM. This summer I'm rereading the whole series and I'm halfway through The Shadow Rising. :]
  3. I had it suggested to me at the local book store. I bought it, and it sat on my shelf until one day, in eighth grade, I needed a book to read for this silent reading time we had. My teacher (the coolest guy ever) flipped out when he saw it on my desk and the next day brought me two bags filled with the hardcover copies up to book 10 (those were all that were out at the time). I started reading and got hooked! I'm now a junior in high school, and the Wheel of Time books are still my favorites!
  4. If I were able to choose an Ajah, it would be the Blue Ajah. I love the idea of fighting for causes and justice, and I identify more with the sisters of the Blue Ajah more than any other. Furthermore, I feel that the majority of the Blue Sisters we meet in the Wheel of Time have an extraordinary sense of self, as well as unparalleled perseverance and spirit.
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  6. First off, the part of the prologue just released was amazing! Secondly, can anyone tell me whether the prologue was written by Jordan or Sanderson? Just wondering :]
  7. I love the relationship between Lanfear and Lews Therin, as well as Egwene and Gawyn's relationship, but my favorite by far is the relationship between Mat and Tuon. I read and reread those chapters; they were sheer brilliance.
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