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  1. I'm scottish so maybe I'm bias...but my thinking as that celtic music is that closest. I would think balleds for death and drum beats for wars.
  2. So the first trolloc says to the second trolloc...those are the biggest teats I've ever seen! :o Sorry...had to. :oops:
  3. I think he wanted to write a series but wasn't sure how EotW would catch on, so he left it open. Sort of like a movie where you assume the character dies but it never shows it.
  4. I admit...I aways root for the badguys in movies, but not in WOT. It would be truely shocking if Loyal was anything but just as he seemed, but it would make a hell of a storyline. I don't think he's a darkfrind, but with RJ who knows?
  5. I think that Bedhiun will either die as many men do when they vist Rhuidien, or make it though and become a true clan chief...which is much better that Sevanna.
  6. I agree and have always thought it was Greandal becuase eveyone else was busy at the time.
  7. This is just a guess...but how I understood it was that Owen could channel and Morgase told Eladia, which in turn caused that white tower to go afer him. Whatever it was it was bad.
  8. I love this because I just checked DM and found that there are other people like me. My little brother came to me a few years ago and told me to read this great series by RJ. I said he was crazy becuase fantasy was not my thing. He promised me that if I read the EOTW that I would love it. So I did...and he was right. I got hooked. I live in a town without a bookstore so he would send me each book in turn with a questionaire about the last book, and he would insist that I make a projection about the next book. If I didn't comply he wouldn't send me the next book! So I read the series in
  9. I'm new here and am so glad that there is a site for folks like me. :)
  10. I agree...the picture doesn't fit the sword. While we are on the topic, a lot of the pictures don't match the book. For instance, the picture of Loyal on the cover of soft cover book 2.(The Great Hunt) He looks like an elf instead of an Ogeir!!!
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