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  1. I'm going to throw up the 1 in a million shot that it'll be Arthur Hawkwing, with the Horn of Valere, In Shayol Ghul
  2. Nononononono you're all missing what's really going to happen. Mat's the dragon reborn, his luck is controlling events so everything looks like Rand's been the one doing awesome stuff the entire time. Why do you think he wanted to be safe from female channelers? He can channel himself!
  3. I'm gonna say if anything the forces of Light will Nynaeve them back into the fold. She's cured the taint madness, she can probably cure anything short of death at this point.
  4. The Forsaken as a whole are my least favorite character (as little sense as that makes) They could spend their time working together to achieve their goal and backstab eachother when they've got Rand unconcious and shielded with a gateway to Shayol Ghul five steps away, but no; their infighting makes them impotent as badguys that get picked off one by one. (as singular characters they're all cool, I have to say I like every character in this series) Also Elaida, her entire character just baffles me.
  5. Once the last battle has been fought and Rand (most likely) wins, what do you suppose the asha'man will do with themselves?
  6. What's up with the Nausea that Rand experiences when he siezes Saidin? Is it part of the taint or something because the other male channelers don't seem to have this issue...
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