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  1. Why did the writing go all weird? GAH I'm such a n00b
  2. What was Jordan's problem with sex? I have never seen such avoidance of it in my life. Seriously, when Rand and Aviendha do it for the first time I had to read over it a few times, it was so vaguely written I was like ''Wha..?'' Or when ''Rand and Elayne get it on, he changed character perspectives from ONE PARAGRAPH TO ANOTHER. It was like he was desperate to get out of the situation! I could never comprehend how could describe acts of ultra violence, then suddenly thinking the audience cant handle a bit of sex... I find it pretty funny, I don't think the word sex is ever actually said is it?
  3. Yeah, they're the best kinds of music and the most fun to play! Yeah well I dont really know what to do, what does it mean to have signed up?
  4. Thank you! I've only been here a day its probably the friendliest board I have ever been on! Yeah :/ I hope he starts getting better as the books go on, he used to be so awesome! Now he just complains a lot :(
  5. Actually question: Why is the chat room out of bounds?
  6. Yeah I have a friend that I've been getting each book off and he keeps telling to prepare for the awesomeness after book 10 :D It was actually the first thing I did was sign up to the band of the red hand! haha
  7. Say whatever you want, I'll just say this... It's not religious :P Yeah I've already signed up for the BoRH! haha We play covers atm for bars and stuff. Blues, soul, funk and reggae! Yes I'll have a look. Is it music you made or just are into?
  8. Ask anything you want! :) Edit: Sure wasn't I being very ignorant, not telling you about myself! I am 18, from Ireland. On the 9th book. I have a love/hate relationship with the books I guess. It's like a little brother, they have a lot of things that annoy you but you love them anyway haha I love music, play guitar in a band, write my own material and hope to do production in college next year!
  9. Sounds... arousing?? Yes I think I shall! :P
  10. I loved Perrin's chapters, I'd get so bored reading through any other chapters waiting for the trolloc attack in Two Rivers. Then he start turning into a whiny, spineless little girl, to be honest!
  11. Hello, I am JesusJuice, I am 18 and from Ireland! Tried reading the books a few years ago and HATED them. Started again in December and have been loving them. On book 9 atm!
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