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  1. "What of Moiraine's statement, "I have something those other seekers have not"? Rand notes that she half-looks at Loial as she says this. Is there something significant about having an Ogier among the group?" ********** My interpetation of that passage was that Moiraine was using that glance to intentionally mislead Agelmar (but without speaking an untruth) so that he would think that she was referring to Loial. I would think having the Dragon Reborn and/or three ta'veren with her would be more significant than having a seemingly random Ogier they picked up along the way. Also, if I remember correctly she did not want it to become general knowledge that the Dragon was reborn. If she had looked at Rand, that would have raised questions asking 'Why is HE so special?'.
  2. The woman in blue could be Moraine, but I don't think the woman on the right is Nynaeve - no braid.
  3. Perhaps the reason for Taim's dropping of the 'so-called Aiel' comments is that he has his own 'past-life voice' from the Age of Legends talking to him (possibly as a manifestation of the insanity due to the taint). Semirhage (though not necessarily the most reliable of sources) indicated that this form of insanity was something that she had seen before, so it does not seem outside the realm of possibility and nothing says that the condition was exclusive to just Rand. That might explain quite a bit since if in that past-life he was a darkfriend too, that persona could be influencing his word choices, general behavior and even his taste in decor. I'm not saying I think this is true (and it is probably completely wrong). It's just an idea that occurred to me while reading this.
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