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  1. Lol didn't go how we envisined it? It didn't go period. What ending are you talking about exactly? The non ending? If i wanted to finish stories for myself I would make up random bullshit in my head for entertainment. Authors are telling ME the story, don't leave it open ended to appease people. it is your story, so tell it. YOU tell ME what happens.
  2. Strongly disagree, hate it when writers leave the ending unwritten. I want to know what happened I don't want to imagine it. Pisses me off when this happens in books and movies. Seriously absolutely hate it. I'm big time disappointed :/ I'd rather have less drawn out fights and more explanation of what happens at the end. I dont want to have to imagine and dwell on what happened to the characters after the fact, I have better things to do. Give me a conclusion and be done with it. Edit* Also why does Rand run away from everybody? he get's all this compassion for his people and
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