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  1. I have thought for a while now that Florence + The Machine - Shake it out reminds me of the WOT
  2. When LTT last sealed the bore he only used the male half of the power. The dark one was able to counter strike by putting the taint on it. If this time they were to use both the Male and Female maybe that will somehow take the power from this world and store it in the bore for the rest of time
  3. actually it would be against the flow of the story to have the power disappear, since the main problem they are working on currently is how to seal the bore without corrupting either side of the power Depends, what if to seal the bore permanently it requires both Saidar and Saidin to be totally drawn out of this world and sealed with the dark one?
  4. I have read on other theories about the idea of after the last battle that there is a possibility of the One Power being destroyed. Personally I dont like the idea but that is not to say that it wont happen. In fact I think there is plenty of evidence that hints of this happening. In KOD c23 Romanda is thinking about how the wards for keeping are failing. She actually states that it is as if the One Power is failing!!! Now when checking with the WOT encyclopaedia this is believed to be evidence of the last battle approaching, but what if she is spot on the money??? Think what a world without
  5. Is it possible that Taim is the Dark Ones site foreman on the construction of his new house. You have to think that the dark side strongly believe that they are going to win in the last battle, that being the case the dark side will need a hang out place, similar to what the White Tower has been in this age. Think of it like Skeletor's Snake Mountain in He-Man.
  6. Ok, so we know that according to Min’s viewing that Rand is doomed to fail in the last battle if he does not have “a woman dead and gone”. We knew that this was referring to Moiraine and at the time was a hint that she still lived just waiting on Matt, Thom and Noel to rescue her. Now that she has been rescued what role do you think she will have in the last battle??? Do you think it will have anything to do with the angreal she got from the Tower of Ghenjei, or will it have something to do with the remaining to demands from the Finn’s?
  7. I just think its weird that at the begining of LOC Demandred goes to meet the dark one, he is given the orders to let Chaos rule. Then at the end of the book he returns to the dark one to see if he likes what he has done. The main things to take place in LOC is Taim going to start the black tower and the capture of Rand by Elaida's crew. The capture of Rand had already been organized and Messanna is all over that, which leaves the black tower as the thing Demandred is wanting praise for!!!
  8. Hi all, Not sure if this has been brought up before. I have just reread LOC and strongly believe that Taim is Demandred!!! I think that RJ has already stated that this is not the case, but what if he is using a Aes Sedai loop hole whan answering the question. What if Demanderd killed Taim, then made himself the imposter Taim. This would make RJ 100% true when saying it is not Taim (because its not its Demandred) This would also explain why Bashere does not recognize him in Caemlyn. Any thoughts on this topic?
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