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  1. Thanks for the comments. Spare time is nonexistant at the moment as we've got a 5 month old baby and a new house! So loads to do, unlike when I was a student I think I'll try and get through KoD. If it all means nothing to me then I'll start re-reading them all. The couple of websites that Majsju gave earlier provide a fair bit of info. cannon: I've seen that link before a few times on here but it doesn't work for me. I've tried it on two different PC's each with different net access. Is it down for some reason? I've browsed through the general forum and some of the threads are interesting and informative. Somewhere else for me to while away my time :) Regards, Kris.
  2. Thanks Majsju. I'll have a look through those links. Why did RJ choose names that are so similar! It makes remembering who's who all the more difficult :roll: Regards, Kris.
  3. Thanks Luckers. 'Pillow friends' was the term I had forgotton to mention. Have there been any other 'pillow friends' mentioned in the books?
  4. *** Spoilers for New Spring *** The word is something like canieria. In New Spring Lan's first love didn't die. She (can't remember her name! Began with an E I think...) was going to give the braid/hair/'leash' to her daughter Ishelle iirc so that Lan would marry Ishelle and become the Queen of Malkier. Merean (BA) killed Ishelle, and the Prince Consort and his son Dyirk. Lan then burnt his braid/hair/'leash' after he left the city just before Moiraine caught up with him and bonded him - something about '... thought the fire had the smell of burnt hair...' Regards, Kris.
  5. Afternoon all, Another newbie to the site... :D I read CoT when it first came out and then had the usual wait for the next book, KoD, to arrive. I bought KoD and then New Spring when they first came out but I've only just got round to reading NS. It has drawn me right back into it all and I picked KoD up straight after finishing NS. Trouble is, it's been years since I read the last book and I've forgotton who anybody is, where they are or what's going on. :( I read the glossary and little things kept popping back from my memory but I still don't have much of a clue. I don't know whether to stick with it and muddle through in the hope that things will return, or start again from scratch - which will not be a quick task with eleven books to read! Although maybe the final book will be out by the time I finish Any advice? Are there any parts of this site that will bring me up to speed to the end of CoT? Regards, Kris.
  6. Afternoon, I've just read New Spring and there were a few parts of the book that suggest Moiraine and Siuan could be / have been lovers - or it could be a complete mis-interpretation by me :oops: Moiraine blushing when realising the AS would have known things during her testing, a comment when Moiraine and Siuan share a bed while in the tower. I can't remember the exact parts of the book, but that kind of thing. Any comments? Regards, Kris.
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