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  1. Yes, I made the gold.... lol - By using Adobe photoshop. Sorry to misslead you, I did not mean to. It is just that I did not like the simple rings that seemed to be wrong in construction planning. If I was to wear a ring of a snake bighting it's own tail, it would do just that, and not like the others that are swallowing their tail. What ever,.. it is just my preference.
  2. one of the best I ever saw. amazing excellent art
  3. Lloyd Bate


    you're an artist, thank you to post
  4. Lloyd Bate

    Dark Rand

    quit good work you do. Thanks
  5. ohoh that was so scarry!!!
  6. good,.. my favorite character. Thank you I wish to do her also, she is built wonderfully strong and tall. I am thinking niniji like
  7. Lloyd Bate


    very nice, what sketch then photoShop?
  8. Lloyd Bate


    Very good art work,.. perhaps I'll do another. when the Amyrlin seat was Elaida, she was predatory in seduction of Meidani, a gray. Galina was surprised when Tarna refused her advances - both reds. pg 584 bk-11 ... or perhaps Halima (.."the trollop!" ha ha) who overpowered Delena, a gray.
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