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  1. well, if you read the statement that BS posted about why he did´t incorporate this bit in AMOL then you can draw the pretty obvious conclusion that this will be about one or both of the tow followoing alt a) his adventures in Shara - how he became Bao and became to love the people there. or /and b) a discussion about his millatery tactic and his thoughts on the other chosen
  2. I like most of the forsaken - but because we get to see her in action a lot and i like her style i chose : Moghedien
  3. Olver being saved , Demandred mastering Taims and last, Gawyns death
  4. As this was the last instalment of the series nothing short of a miracle could have answered all my questions or fulfilled my desires. I thought that the book - although not completely bad ( not in a long shot ) did leave a bitter aftertaste. The book is full of battles that in pure numbers of soldiers or should i say lack of specified numbers is unconvincing. And even if there are gems , like the manipulated generals there are simply to little to get the monotony away. Atop of that a few character arcs did´t contain as much as you could demand due when you regard the build up in the previous books. A few arcs that did´t hold was Morgiane , Nyneve and Moridin who just did´t do anything- witch was sad as they certainly had potential to make the book something beyond normal. But there were of course also real nuggets of pure gold. Many of the character arcs was handed good and added spice in the otherwise dull action. And some of the moments in the book was just wonderful. One of them , when Olver is saved by Noal has gone up to a place in my top-list alongside Deamandred ( aka Bao ) vs Taim. And although we did´t get as many dead as i would have liked we got some , and the persons that died was a lovely mixture of characters that i liked ( formost Eggy ) and people that i think should have died a long time before ( Gawyn ). so to surmise - the book although not in the same league as the best books in the series ( EOTW, TGS and LOC ) it was totally worth the money.
  5. i can´t adeqatly exrpress what i feel in eglish so i will swith langue , i don´t care if noboby understand or bother translate: till alla er som känner att det ni ville inte hände , ni bör nog inte läsa böcker . Om ni sätter upp som ett kriterium för en bok att de karaktärer ni tycker om skall överleva eller dö på något alldelses spektakulärt sätt , ni borde inte läsa böcker , ni kommer endast att bli besvikna . Jag tycker att det finns en gräns för när disskution om kvalitet - likt frågan Alannas ganska abrupta uppdykande på scenen men det finns en gräns och den gränsen är nådd när man säger X borde ha dött på detta eller detta sätt hon har faktiskt existerat i 20 år . Lol och ni vill att saker och ting skall vara realistiska - jag vill inte påstå att jag har upplevt krig men jag tror att om du frågar en soldat så skulle ni få svaret att vanliga människor inte dör med ett ljussken strålande ner från himmelen eller en trumpetfanfar de dör och det är sorligt lev med det.
  6. @ mik just so I understand correctly the meaning of your post - you did´t like AMOL - and you feel that BS feelt disdain for wot ? Y/N ?
  7. I very much dislike the way of explicitly tell the readers , " one of the characters in the book are gay " . I think that that´s cementing the role "gay"as something that is averting from the norm instead of taking it for granted , plus it stinks of fan gratification.
  8. are you going to be able to buy just the story that concerns wot ?, i don´t want to buy a large book ( as it propably is ) and just read one story
  9. I can not believe what i am reading someone that want to be a damane rather than a human being , you know some of them are being "mutilated , as there is no need for hands feet's or tongues to bee able to channel" (The world of The Wheel of Time)
  10. The Rand arc could really be improved, the whole and endless philosophy bit was kind of dull. But there will be time for a more exciting action the next time , shame that we wont see it
  11. Would Gawyn not know that Demandred was good at war and the things associated with it well i think that is pretty unlikely.
  12. what of Shemirhage? was´t she trying to get hold of Seanchan or did she just loll around as truthspeaker for the fun of it. And not Demandred unleash balefire ? a) we don´t know what he did in Shara , he maby killed several armies with it and second what did he do in the last battle , yes shouting balefire . and the last question : yes if you read the dark one wanted the pattern destroyed so he could remake it in his image - and the forsaken at least Demandred and Moridin was fine with it , and they were two of very few forsaken left . So you arguments dear sir is null and void.
  13. no it was´t aimed at you. and iam sorry if you took offence . and I am strongly positive to the more regulated tone in this discussion
  14. What , that is just weird. The reason that BS book was bad was that they contend to much nonsense and filler (among other things if have understood things right (?)) - this happened because there are to many books - this in turn is because X decided to make more books ( agienst the advice from the author ) because X wanted more money ( that´s and objective statement in this line of thought as there otherwise was no need for more books ) = milk cow. Then it´s is weird to say that " no i dont care if it was a milk cow " ps .if i read Bel Barids comment right (?) we should not discus this thing more so this i my last word for now in this debate - Hypocrisy
  15. excuse me but what in the problem with the publishing function ?
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