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  1. My favorite part is definitely when Moiraine breaks through the Ways when they're being chased--so cool. My least favorite is probably the beginning in Emond's Field (after the prologue) -- just because when trying to re-read it--I'm like...blah blah blah, let's get going...haha. I liked it the first time round, though.
  2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is too short but is the only person I can see as Rand. He'd be perfect--and his acting ability is superb (in my opinion). Most others--I don't know--I kind of want unknowns. Sad as it is (and although I love Buffy) Michelle Tratchenberg (too lazy to look up spelling) drives me insane and I don't think she'd be able to pull of the part of Egwene--same with Anne Hathaway. Heath Ledger would have been good at most any part. Sad day. *edit* OOH what about Rebecca De Mornay for Morgase? Maybe she's a little old...but gorgeous.
  3. Sweet--maybe this will tide me over for a year and a half...maybe... :) If things happened this way, I'd be very happy (for the most part).
  4. I also really like Gawyn. :) It's amazing to me that RJ can create so many different characters and have some people hate some and others love them at the same time. So much like real life... Even though the sheer number of characters in the books sometimes bugs me, it also makes the world much more real to me, I've noticed. You can see this world from so many different angles--it's cool.
  5. In defense of Elayne, yes her character is snobby at times and boring at times in the last few books. But honestly--out of the girls who hasn't been this way? haha I don't see her behavior in the last book to be any more stupid than Min's (which got Rand's hand blown off), yet people forgive Min. Elayne thought she was doing right and thought fate would protect her and people with her. She does stupid things sometimes, but it would be awesome to have her looks and power. Plus she's a blonde and by description the only one who looks anything close to what I look like--(there are almo
  6. I know Rand has a lot to deal with, but imo -- he just isn't likable at all anymore, and thus is disappointing. He could have kept some of his good qualities...haha As for women dominating the relationships--I disagree. Gaul wanted to get married, Chiad didn't want to give up her "career" to get married. I had a guy want to marry me before and I said no--but I wasn't in "control" of the relationship--marriage has to be mutual.
  7. I also think it was completely Min's fault. I dislike her because she has her life completely centered on her man--I mean protecting him is a good goal, but she endangers and hinders him a lot (in my opinion). Whatever though, Rand has his serious faults too--they deserve each other. :) (my 2 least fav. characters--maybe I'll like them in the end...) It boggles my mind though that Min can't see that her going along on dangerous missions as a non-channeler is going to be a liability most of the time--this reminds me of a part in Brandon Sanderson's 2nd mistborn book ... most of you prob
  8. I love so many characters it's hard to pick-- tie with Egwene and Mat (picked Egwene on list) Also love: Asmodean, Birgitte (She and Mat together are hilarious), Gawyn, Chiad, Gaul, Elayne, Nyneave, Perrin, Faile, Lanfear
  9. I'd be Elayne -- a queen/Aes Sedai, beautiful--that rocks. I would definitely dump Rand SO fast. Or--I'd be Egwene, Amyrlin, beautiful, hot boyfriend...sweet deal If I were a guy, I'd be Mat lol.
  10. I agree--Perrin is defending his wife, as husbands and wives should do for each other. I like them both. I'm most disappointed in Rand. He used to be so cool. Now he has distanced all of his friends from him--he was particularily rude to Egwene once... He also whines all the time. It gets SO old. I don't know why any woman would love him. I know he has a hard life, but he went from being someone who was trying to deal with it and be a good person to a whiney, rude, cocky idiot. :) (Just my opinion, of course). I don't think the society is really "female dominated" as I argue
  11. Die Rand die! Die Rand die! um... *innocent look* I want everyone on the list to live except Rand.
  12. hahaha I have nothing new to add but I have to say that the "something strange about Avi's kids" made me laugh out loud--and I'm at work... luckily no one was paying attention :).
  13. Hmm...I'm a Mormon and haven't ridden a bike in...at least 5 years. haha I guess I better get going... ;) The rant was amusing, but I agree that he had negative stereotypes about a lot of different groups in there...much less PC than things I usually read I guess... The rant also makes me think that this guy has never actually known anyone that is Mormon, and he assumes that we're all alike -- like people of the same religion act the same or something *rolls eyes*. But whatever--could have been worse (as people have pointed out). lol I think Pemberly is his wife's online
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